volume 54


zulu alpha kilo take ‘spec work’ into the outside world and the responses they get from personal trainers, architects and restaurants are genius. #saynottospec

in the name of gaming

to prove they’re as tough as lara croft eight contestants are battling it out on a billboard live in london for a holiday. they’re being subjected to wind, snow, intense heat and rain all via an online, public voting system. watch the live stream.

red bull kaleidoscope

redbull’s kriss kyle takes bmx riding to another level in ‘kaleidoscope: seeing things differently’. watch one of the most creative stunts here.

adventure in wearable tech

adventure clothing brand vollebak has finally launched. their range includes a hoodie that can lower your heart rate, putting the wearer into an extreme state of relaxation and a jacket designed for fight or flight situations. the website is also host to a few mind altering experiments.


watch shia labeouf watching shia labeouf

for the last 2 days shia labeouf  has been watching all the films he’s ever been in. visitors can drop in or watch him via a live broadcast. catch the last few hours here.

flight 23

michael murphy has played with optical illusions and perspective in his latest amazing 3D sculpture of michael jordan for the nike harajuku store, shibuya, tokyo.