volume 52

21st century horror

giff gaff customer’s fears seem all too familiar in this spoof horror film that confronts 21st century worries.

clothes that respond to the environment

the unseen are set to launch their latest collection of accessories that react to different environmental triggers such as touch, heat, light and wind. the new collection can be found at selfridges


world leaders, with man buns

kudos to designcrowd who’ve shown us what some of the most influential world leaders would look like with man buns….click here for results

halo 5 #squadvertiser

to highlight halo 5’s new multiplayer function, xbox are asking gamers to create ads to recruit new members. these ads will feature on a dedicated website and some may even be used in their official posters for the game.

release your inner five year old

‘dvtv dallas vintage toys’ show the imagination of a child with the wallet of a grown up…


building a test track of the world’s first high-speed transporation network, the ‘hyperloop’ begins in a month in california. it will travel at 760 miles per hour, the closest we’ve ever come to teletransportation.