volume 50

"knees up like a unicorn"

the clever people at barbie have created an ad that turns what playing with a barbie means on it’s head. It’s about encouraging girls to think big, and imagine they can be and do anything.

hungry? the british museum of food

why has this taken so long?! we can’t wait to see the british museum of food. prepare to explore the history, evolution, science, sociology and art of food in depth. for more details click here


yellowbluepink makes you think

ann veronica janssens explores light and smoke in her new exhibition at the wellcome collection… and it looks amazing!

crashless cars?

mercedes have created a crash preventative within their cars. great news for us, not so great for those who love to crash.

off the wall projections

vjsuave, a new media art duo have created an audio visual tricycle that projects visuals on the move, on whatever surface they come across. all it takes is a bike, battery, projector and speakers.

we see your photos and raise you film

following the project apollos realise of 28,000 photographs on flickr, ‘harrisonicus’ decided to see what would happen if they ran them altogether in one sequence. result? please see above.