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Volume 490

Avocados are getting tatted, hypnotic chickens are running for president and adidas are piling the pressure on young Jude Bellingham. When you’re hopping on the train to Glasto this week, dressed in your Lidl drip, don’t forget to mind the gap as well as Amazon's new face scanners. Say cheese!

In Chicken We Trust.

A global chicken hypnosis is underway. Big Brother is watching you and so is KFC. Politicians weave webs of lies and lead us astray with false promises, they cut essential services, trick us into voting Brexit, and they don’t give us any chicken.

So, when all hope seems lost and the memory of a cheap pint fades, what is left to believe in? The answer is simple: chicken, believe in chicken. KFC’s campaign taps into the deep longing for comfort and reliability and amidst the chaos and confusion, there is one constant that never disappoints. In the lead up to the general election, the campaign plays on our disillusionment with politics and the uncertain state of the world, offering a beacon of hope in the form of fried chicken. Cluck cluck, the message is resonating with me deeply already.

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Bellingham and the Beatles.

Somebody had to do it. Adidas has made the Beatles’ timeless classic ‘Hey Jude’ the soundtrack to this year’s Euros, with one simple message to rising star Jude Bellingham: “you got this”. England is putting the weight of their hopes on this young man’s shoulders but, hey Jude, no pressure.

Bellingham is off to a flying start anyway and adidas’ film describes perfectly what it means to overcome disappointment, something any football fan can relate to. We are reminded that every setback is an opportunity to rise stronger. As the nation yearns for victory, all eyes on Bellingham and the team, can they take a sad song and make it better?

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Mind the Scan.

Tickets please! Oh and some information about your face too, except we won’t actually ask you for that. Travelled through London’s Euston, Waterloo or Manchester Piccadilly lately? Well Jeff Bezos has some information about your face now and apparently he’s going to sell it to improve advertising systems. God knows what else he’s planning to do with it and at this point I’d honestly rather not know.


AI face scanners powered by Amazon have been used to detect the age, gender, and the potential emotions of travellers. Yes, Jeff knows exactly how you felt about that delayed and overpriced Great Northern service to Chester. How will you be repaid for unknowingly giving away your precious facial info? Ha! You won’t! How is this legal you ask? It just is! Yay for living in a world that values our privacy and compensates us fairly for our data.

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Remember the days of fruit stickers? Me too, they’re still here, but maybe not for long. Tesco is tattooing their avos with barcodes to reduce plastic packaging – holy guacamole.

Laser etching is being tested as a potential way to cut out unnecessary packaging. With all the plastic waste in the world and the infamous floating patch of rubbish in the Pacific the size of a county, I’m not sure cutting out tiny plastic stickers is going to scratch the surface of our problem. In all likeliness the avo tats are probably no more than a bit of greenwashing.  But hey it’s a step in the right direction. Eliminating plastic straws was another one of those tiny steps. We are getting there guys, just very very slowly.

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A Lidl Bit of Fun.

Should supermarkets really have their own merch? Lidl are determined to turn heads with their new clothes drop. The playful designs seem to be poking fun at themselves, and in the midst of kidcore’s rise in fashion, this could be just what people are looking for. Branded Lidl bucket hat anyone? Some brightly coloured Lidl creps? How about a bum bag speckled with their logo?

The supermarket is also looking for three superfans to model their gear at a festival this summer for a sweet 2500 quid reward and some free festival tickets. Head to toe in Lidl drip might be the last thing a festival goer wants, but the humiliation may be worth it if it helps the youngsters pay their next bill.

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Daddy Cool.

Happy Father’s Day to all the hot dads out there. Baby fever is hitting hard with this one and despite being for a men’s clothing line, this ad was most certainly targeted at women. Bottega Venetta’s campaign staring A$AP Rocky paints a loving portrait of fatherhood. Caring father by day, world famous rapper by night; what more could Rihanna want?

Rocky explains the lack of representation of fatherhood among male rappers. He says, “When you think about a rapper, you think about adolescence, about the single bachelor lifestyle”. So here’s to not pushing the player persona onto male musicians anymore. They are dads too, even if they don’t have the dad bods to match the title.

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