volume 49

utopia or dystopia?

two very different visions of 2045 serve as a stark reminder that the decisions we make today will affect our future. by swedish pension management company, spp. click here to see


now what you 'see' is not a test...

photos taken by sophie bramly in 1981 give us a glimpse into the world of early hip hop in the bronx.



world's longest glass bottomed bridge

a glass bottomed bridge suspended 590 feet above the ground in china… not for the faint hearted.



lexus demonstrate their devotion to design and craft by making a working, electric car out of cardboard. not so good for a rainy day.

somewhere to go, when you're feeling low

so it’s good to know when you’re feeling low you’ve always got somewhere even worse to go. ‘sadtopograhies’ instagram account show us the saddest named places in the world.


colour your character

augmented reality provides a bridge between paper and digital. ‘disney research’ have created software that detects your drawing and tracks it. the video stream to your device is augmented with an animated 3-D version of the character.