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Volume 484

The sewage in our water supply is giving coolsh*t a whole new meaning…. So don’t even think about getting your Speedos on and jumping in the Thames. Instead, float away from all this chaos in the balloon house from Up or just spray some Lynx to mask the stench.

The Next Agenda: Cultural Magnetism.

We’ve launched our latest insight report, The Next Agenda: Cultural Magnetism.

We were curious: has the West’s crown of influence toppled in this new era of cultural exchange? And if so, how can brands combat this seismic shift?

We, along with SELFHOOD and a group of experts, dig into the forces driving the flux, attitudes and expectations around what’s coming next, and the things brands should be considering when navigating this new era.

Don’t get left behind. Download the report below!

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Air Bed and Balloon.

What will be your next high-flying adventure? How about drifting off in Carl and Ellie’s home from Up in Airbnb’s latest offering? The extreme detail of this handcrafted home already has audiences questioning if it’s AI-generated. However, it won’t quite be like the movie, rather than helium carrying you through the sky, you will be dangling elegantly from a crane. I’m wondering how this replica home even functions without being connected to the ground by pipes or wiring? Let’s just hope no one steps out for a breath of fresh air and takes an unexpected plunge; now that would be a PR disaster. 

But if floating homes aren’t your thing, Airbnb has 10 other experiences and stays that might be just for you. How about an intimate 30-person concert with Doja Cat, or a tequila tasting turned comedy night with Kevin Hart? While some of these new ‘Icons’ listings seem like slight logistical nightmares, Airbnb never fail to keep us on our toes… or suspended in the sky. 

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Full Speedo Ahead.

The Aussies are getting their cheeks out for the summer in Speedo’s new campaign. The brand, after years of focusing on speed and performance, are going back to their humble Aussie roots. In an Olympic year, it would have been easy to slap Speedos on a few ripped athletes and call it a day, but instead Speedo are taking an inclusive approach, uniting everyone with a love for the water.  

To “Go Full Speedo” isn’t just about looking cute in your budgie smugglers; it’s about embracing a lifestyle, diving headfirst into life, and giving it your all. It’s about that quintessential Aussie spirit—bold, unapologetic, and always ready for an adventure. No use in just dipping your toe in when you can go full Speedo. I promise you, it’s fine once you’re in! 

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Faecal Matters.

Water quality in the UK has gone to shit… literally. Private water companies are dumping copious amounts of raw sewage into our rivers, seas, and lakes, while paying themselves and shareholders millions. Last year, the number of spills doubled, hitting an eye-watering 1,271 dumps per day. The Central Office of Public Interest have responded with a national public awareness, literal smear campaign.  

The campaign’s faecal font, designed to resemble actual sewage, spells out messages such as, ‘your dog is drinking this’, ‘your MPs voted for this’, ‘you’re swimming in this’, and ‘you’re rowing in this’, which is timely considering the Oxbridge Boat Race teams were advised to avoid contact with the water a few weeks ago. 

They wanted to make sure their message was as aptly disgusting as possible. This meant hyper realistic imagery of excrement adorned with congealed fats and slime, mould, bits of toilet paper, plasters, condoms, maggots and flies, as well as puddles and smears for good measure.  

This artistic display was designed to make you gag, but also to make you think. After all, nothing says ‘time for change’ like a graphic reminder that we’re all surrounded by poo. 

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Sext GPT.

OpenAI now wants to dirty talk with you. Their current rules ban even sexually suggestive content, but they’re wanting to explore how to responsibly allow users to create AI porn and other explicit content. We’re edging closer to people getting in full blown relationships with robots. Perhaps in the future it will be a valid sexual orientation, and old-timers will be labelled robo-phobic, we’ll be saying things we’ve heard our out of touch grandparents say – “it’s just not natural!” 

This has left some feeling uneasy considering AI tools have recently been misused to create deepfake porn and synthetic nudes to blackmail and harass people. Yet, in the midst of a loneliness epidemic, the allure of artificial intimacy is undeniable. And where there’s allure, there’s profit. So, when you’re feeling a bit frisky but find yourself flying solo, why not let the chat-up bots work their magic? 

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Ever thought of buying a Monet or Renoir painting on eBay? Neither have I. Well, it seems some people, believe it or not, have been selling fakes on there. Using AI to detect counterfeits, Dr Carina Popovici, an expert in authenticating artwork, has exposed, named, and shamed these sellers, pointing out 40 fake artworks. The fakes include a Monet priced at $599,000 and a Renoir at $165,000. And Popovici says this is probably only the tip of the iceberg.  

Although buying a famous piece of art on eBay seems like a dumb way to get scammed, it’s incredible that this technology can detect fakes without needing samples or in person inspection. The technology analyses brush strokes, intricate details, patterns, and colour pallet to identify fraudsters. There’s a 95% chance of these paintings being fakes, leaving a 5% chance that Monet was just feeling a bit wild and trying a new style – possible… but unlikely. So, next time you’re tempted to splurge on a bargain Monet, maybe think twice. 

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A corpse never smelt so enticing, and an armed robbery never ended with such romance. Capitalising on dark humour, Lynx’s new ads are dead pan and absurdist, taking an artistic approach Wes Anderson-loving film students would approve of.  

Perhaps the laddish days of Lynx are over, and there’s no need for scantily clad ladies in their ads anymore. They’re taking a bold new approach, still sticking with the “irresistible” smell narrative but infusing it with a fresh and playful tone. It will inevitably make mourners crawl over a coffin to inhale a dead Lynx wearer. A daring move that’s morbid and perverse, yet oddly captivating. 

These ads are a departure from the norm, embracing a stylish approach that may even entice the artsy crowd to start dousing themselves in Lynx. Who even needs Le Labo Santal anymore? 

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