volume 48

he's back...again

optus mobile called ricky again to do another advert for them. this is what he gave them…

improv yourself

‘improv everywhere’ strike again causing scenes of chaos and joy in public places. in their ‘mp3 experiments’ they get 4000 members of the public together, through the use of their headphones, to reek havoc in prospect park. lighthearted and hilarious.

netflix and chill

with the help of agency deeplocal, netflix created the ‘netflix switch,’ which does almost everything for you. from turning on the tv, netflix and dimming your light to muting your phone and ordering your takeaway. the only problem is, you have to build it yourself. well, we did say almost everything.


forget 3d films. forget 4d films in fact. your favourite blockbusters are about to reach a whole new level. a 360 level to be exact. 20th century fox are bringing feature length releases to oculus rift, making you feel like a proper movie star. sort of.


3d call home

these out of this world housing designs, which use the planet’s recently discovered water supply as the building block for sustainable life, could be landing on mars soon after winning the nasa mars habitat challenge. see them for yourself here

blooming satisfying

there are a lot of gifs out there these days. which makes these mesmerising creations from freelance animator and designer hayden zezula extra special. they look absolutely beautiful. but be warned, they could be seriously harmful to your productivity.