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Volume 456

This week’s coolsh*t is for all you magic lovers out there. For my first trick I’m bringing you shrinking jackets, shapeshifting dresses and I’ll show you how to disappear (to outer space). Unfortunately, my tiny, glamorous assistant is away, so it’s Kyra running the show again today.

Dynamic Dressing.

Outfit repeater? Never, darling. My dress changes every second.  

These bragging rights belong to an Adobe presenter, who strutted onto the Adobe Max Conference stage in a shape-shifting dress. What in the wizarding world is going on here? 

If you listened closely, you could hear the audience’s jaws collectively hitting the floor as the seemingly normal looking dress transformed from matte white, to reflective, to multicoloured with an array of different designs. Dubbed ‘Project Primrose’, this dress creates “Non-Emissive Flexible Display Systems using reflective light-diffuser modules” (whatever the hell that means). 

Unfortunately, I have bad news if you’re wanting to dazzle your dearest in this fluctuating frock, it is not quite ready for you to get your hands on. Yet. While Project Primrose is not market ready, it does serve as a proof of concept, showing a future where your future can change quicker than a teenager’s mood. 

By incorporating this tech into various surfaces (like clothing and furniture), designers can explore endless possibilities in terms of style, and individuals can easily download and ‘wear’ the latest designs from their fave designers. 

Bravo Adobe, it’s giving mystique from X-Men and I’m impressed. 

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Out of Office.

Ever get the urge to foxtrot oscar into the abyss? To take yourself on a solo trip and escape reality. Away from the screaming kids, or the nagging co-workers. Just pure…solitude. But a European city break from the Easyjet sale just doesn’t seem far enough.  

Well, in a few years’ time, your OOO can read ‘leave me alone I’m in space’. Introducing: the first ever Space Hotel, set to open its doors in 2027! 

The brainchild of Above Space (formerly Orbital Assembly), this hotel will float above the Earth’s atmosphere and is not just for astronauts, but for normal everyday people like you and me who just want some goddamn peace and quiet. 

And by normal and every day, I mean people who can afford to fork out a couple hundred thousand for some ‘them time’…so maybe not quite like you (no offense). 

Unlike a regular space station, this hotel will have simulated gravity so guests can choose their gravity level during their stay, and it is rumoured that the suites will be made available to buy and live in, not just book for a one-off stay. Just in case you plan on doing a runner to binge some MAFSUK and snack in solitude. 

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Honey, I Shrunk the North Face.

On today’s episode of pointless things people buy when they have more money than sense, we have: North Face Jackets for your keys.  

Yes. That’s right, little miniature jackets to wrap up your keys on those cold winter nights. These teeny tiny jackets are replicas of the classic Nuptse North Face, with the unmistakable design, colour blocking and all. But instead of paying £300+ you can pay just £30 to say you (kind of) copped a North Face.  

Keys seem to be something of a fashion statement lately, from mini Off-White OOO keyrings, itsy-bitsy Balenciaga windbreakers and now petit puffer jackets.  

Personally, and I don’t mean to be a hater, but I hate key rings. I find them silly and pointless. I despise when someone comes back from a holiday with souvenirs because 9 times out of 10 it’s a bloody keyring and now my keys are cumbersome and won’t fit in my pocket. Thanks a lot.  

So, if you’re reading this and you’ve ever bought me a keyring just know I hated every second of it.  

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Netflix and Don’t Chill.

Netflix no longer want you to chill. In fact, Netflix want you to get up off your ass and visit them, IRL.  

The rise of Netflix is synonymous with the decline and eventual death of physical video stores around the world (RIP Blockbusters). But in a twist of fate, the company now appears to be embracing the bricks and mortar it once rivalled. 

In 2025, Netflix plan to open their very first permanent set of retail stores called ‘Netflix House’, featuring retail, dining and live experiences. These are rumoured to have rotating installations related to Netflix’s top films and series, including themed food and drinks. 

Though I’m not sure if a Dahmer themed cocktail quite tickles my fancy… 

Netflix are no stranger to teetering the line between the digital and physical, having launched a number of immersive pop-ups throughout the years. This however, will be their very first permanent retail presence and it will be interesting to see how they perform against their other streaming stablemates (Disney, Amazon) that have been in the physical game a while longer. 

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Just Dance.

Peanut butter and jam (yes jam, I said what I said), James and his moustache, music and exercise. Just a small list of things that go together. They just work. So, Spotify’s recent collaboration with Nike makes perfect sense.  

As much as I hate to admit it (because I’m allergic to exercise), it’s no secret that getting your body moving when you’re in a bit of a funk (pun intended) can do a world of good. So, in celebration of World Mental Health Day, Nike and Spotify unveiled their ‘Make Moves Fund’ – an initiative fronted by girl group FLO that highlights the power of movement on mental well-being. 

Some shocking research revealed that 80% of girls in the UK do not feel that they belong in sport, and by the time they reach 18, they’re 2x more likely than boys to report poor mental health. To tackle this Nike and Spotify are providing multiple £20,000 grants to UK-based community organizations aimed at empowering young women through movement and dance. 

A joint social impact initiative from two of the world’s coolest brands. Pretty cool sh*t if you ask me. 

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Eat Your Greens.

What do we have here then? You guessed it, another collab. This time, a slightly less obvious and more unexpected pairing – Noodles and fashion.  

To explain, Wagamama and PANGAIA have joined forces to showcase the creative possibilities of a circular economy by transforming old uniforms into limited edition hoodies.  

While ‘sustainability’ and ‘eco-conscious’ have become somewhat buzz words in the brand world, there are very few brands that actually live and breathe it. PANGAIA are one of the rare few that put their money where their mouth is. Collaborating with Wagamama, who have a 50% plant-based menu and other eco-friendly practices, they’ve been helping the restaurant take steps towards a greener future.  

Wagamama asked their team to raid their wardrobe in search of old uniforms which were then repurposed into limited-edition, organic hoodies, co-designed with PANGAIA. In partnership with design project Greater Goods, Wagamama have also hosted a number of upcycling workshops. 

Well done sweetie, you’re doing great! 

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