volume 45

watch what you eat

experience film through all your senses. edible cinema provide a tailored, bite-sized tasting menu for their audience. each tray contains numbered mystery boxes of food that correspond to specific moments within the film…to know more click this

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pokemon come back

an all new pokemon adventure. pokemon go uses real location information on your smartphone to find, trade, catch and battle with other players.

school is in session, a lesson about branding from mcdonalds

back to school for the autumn and mcdonalds are back too, delivering these very clever print ads. without a hint of food in sight. school is in session, a lesson about branding from mcdonalds


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funny and fair

andes beer make it easier for the average guy to get the girl on a night out by hosting a casting call for the “hot guys” of the city…at 10pm…on a saturday evening. hilarious and very clever.

no more boring photos please

tired of seeing the same photographs being taken of the same old thing? this camera prevents you from taking those photos. using geotagging and gps to assess the necessity of the photo you’re about to take. we mean it will literally hide the button if it thinks your picture is unnecessary. harsh but honest photography.

gaffney or gandy?

we did it here. someone didn’t get 10/ 10. they are being subtly punished.