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Volume 449

Another week, another coolsh*t. Today we have a peculiar amount of flying musicians, oily rugby boys, and big brands doing big things. No podcast again folks, but fret not, it will be back next week and you won’t want to miss it…

Try Harder.

The 2023 Rugby World Cup is almost upon us. You know what that means. Boys with names like Hugo and Jasper can prance around Clapham Common wearing month-long coprophagic grins that you would usually only see as they emerge from a toilet cubicle at Infernos.

But not everyone’s quite so happy. Like a skunk at a garden party, Greenpeace have turned up to ruin the fun. And to tell everyone at said garden party that each of them is at least partially responsible for the destruction of the planet and the consequent inevitable extirpation of the human race. Relax, Greenpeace – have a slice of cake. No I don’t know if the cake contains palm oil. Stop asking.

The environmental organisation is tackling sportswashing ahead of the tournament with an animated campaign film showing the Stade de France drenched in oil, due to the tournament being sponsored by oil and gas company TotalEnergies. Naughty Rugby World Cup. Haven’t you heard there’s a climate ‘crisis’? Have you been listening to Vivek Ramaswamy again? We told you not to listen to Vivek Ramaswamy!

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Sky Walker.

I’ve always considered Miguel to be teetering on the edge of creative genius. On the other side, however, lies complete insanity. And it seems like he’s taken an unfortunate tumble. As in I think he has fully lost the lost the plot.


In a spine-tingling performance last Friday, Miguel Adorned his body, inserting metal hooks into his bare back before being hoisted into the air and flying over the crowd. These hooks were connected to a suspension machine which lifted him close to the roof as he sang his latest tune “Rope”.

Apparently he prepped for this event for several months, doing test runs with his team of experts who specialise in body suspension.

How Many Drinks do we reckon he had before attempting this? Well, he was definitely sore the next day, that’s a Sure Thing.

I don’t care what anyone says. This isn’t ‘boundary pushing’. It’s not creative, or impressive. It’s just gross. I’ll tell you what is impressive though –squeezing four Miguel song titles into this article.

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No Forks Given.

It’s not you, it’s me.

The line no one wants to hear. It’s over. Utensils are out. Fingers are in. No no, it’s nothing weird. Just KFC Canada’s new advert.

Bringing to life their world-famous slogan “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good”, the globally adored chicken shop has yet again created something spectacular. This follows last month’s stunt “Fry Funeral”, a one-hour live stream saying goodbye to their old chip recipe, which included driving a hearse around Toronto.

Their latest work shows people chomping into the messy, greasy goodness and totally ignoring the need for cutlery. And images of KFC lovers enjoying the food in the reflection of the clean, unused cutlery. Don’t know about you but now I want some crispy fried chicken in and around my chops. Hold the fork.

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Big Blue.

If you’re venturing down Oxford Street, don’t be alarmed if you see a massive blue bag towering above your head. IKEA has taken advertising to new heights by debuting a 62ft bag in the middle of Europe’s busiest street to celebrate and create buzz around their new store.

You’ve heard that right. By Autumn 2024, you will be able to get your Swedish meatball fix before struggling home with your flat pack furniture on the central line.

By launching its famous show room and market halls in the heart of London this will be a key milestone for the brand as they continue to expand across the country and open city stores.

So whether it’s storage, a laundry basket, helping you move house or covering up scaffolding on Oxford Street, the iconic blue IKEA Frakta bag can do it all.

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Musician: Impossible.

We all know Tom Cruise is down to do some crazy stunts, and it turns out Etihad are here for it. To celebrate the release of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, Paramount Pictures and Etihad Airways have joined forces to perform a truly mindboggling feat. Even more mindboggling than worshipping a science fiction writer.

Whilst falling at 120mph from 13,000 feet high, a professional team of skydiving musicians performed the Mission Impossible theme tune AND remembered to deploy their parachutes in time. The free-falling orchestra included a drummer, electric guitarist and violinist, plus a professional skydiving videographer to capture the action.

Extremely impressive and mission accomplished – Etihad, you have my vote… but can I fly first class?

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Hijab Hype.

Gymshark took getting the “look and feel” of something to new levels as they unveiled their latest 3D, and world-first, ‘modest billboard’ in an iconic location in Shoreditch. (No surprises here as Gymshark have always been at the forefront of diversity in the sports space).

The mural is of TikTok sensation (12.4M followers!) and Gymshark athlete Leana Deeb, who is a part of Gymshark’s ‘Every Strong Belongs’ campaign. But the truly eye-catching part of this campaign is the fact her headscarf is made of a physical fabric layered on top of the painting.

With its inspiring messaging for Muslim women and athletes, it’s clear to see inclusivity is woven into the fabric of this ad.

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