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Volume 448

In this week’s coolsh*t, we have AI rapping and singing, Netflix no longer chilling, and Drake making his fans cry. Speaking of tears, I have bad news… there’s no podcast today. But in better news, it’s me, Kyra, bringing you the stories.

Robot Rap.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.   

A few weeks ago, we brought you AI’s attempt at writing jokes. This time, it’s writing bars. In Google Lab’s latest session, they explored, in collaboration with rapper and academic, Lupe Fiasco, how AI could expand creativity. This pursuit gave birth to TextFX – a suite of AI-powered writing tools for rappers. 

Instead of shying away from using AI creatively, or using it wholly to generate lyrics, his idea was to have it to mirror his creative process. Text FX allows you to input a word or phrase, and then dissects it from various angles, deconstructing sounds and uncovering intersections between diverse topics. These ingenious tools draw inspiration from the lyrical and linguistic wizardry that Lupe has honed over his career. 


I can sense the creative panic but fret not, TextFX is not a ghost writer. Think of it more as a sidekick, designed to empower your writing, provide creative possibilities, and allow you see text in new ways. A helping hand, if you will. But like with any tool, you still need to bring your own creativity and skillset to the table. 

Sorry Drake, but it can’t write your raps for you. 

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A(I)-nother Brick in the Wall.

It wouldn’t be coolsh*t without a scientific AI breakthrough. This week we have neuroscientists recreating Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ using AI to decipher the brain’s electrical activity.  

Apparently the 15 second audio clip sounds like ‘someone singing it underwater’ but there is no denying what tune they are singing. The fact that the entire clip was crafted by a team of researchers who analysed the brain activity of 29 epilepsy patents, decoded the data using machine learning, and reconstructed it into a recognisable audio is no mean feat. It is actually the first time this has been done, ever.  


Besides this just being a pretty fucking cool thing to do, there are also many potential clinical applications of this type of research. The scientists hope to use similar technology to help patients with speech and brain impediments to communicate with others.  

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Netflix and… Game?

You’ve spent the last hour in bed scrolling through Netflix’s (arguably mid) catalogue of films and nothing is quite tickling your fancy. The frustration sets in, and you think ‘Fuck it, I don’t even want to watch a film anymore’. Laptop closed. Night ruined. Well, what if there was more to Netflix than just streaming? 

Lucky for you, that might just be the case. Netflix are now trialling cloud-based gaming, with a lucky selection of existing Netflix members able to access and play games through supported devices on smart TVs and supported browsers on PCs and Macs. The perfect solution to those looking for some extra entertainment on those cold and lonely nights. 

While Netflix isn’t entirely new to the gaming scene, having previously introduced games for customers on iOS and Android smartphones, they’re now taking things up a notch. 

What do you use as the controller, I hear you ask? It’s probably already in your hand. The idea is to use your smartphone as your controller when you’re gaming on your tv. Handy.  

So, whether you’re a film buff, a series enthusiast, or now, a gaming aficionado, Netflix is once again proving itself as the ultimate one-stop entertainment hub. 

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Free The Pits.

Arms up for body positivity! 

Dove have done what they do best with a bold subway takeover, encouraging travellers to free their pits in all their hairy, untouched glory. 

Dove are no stranger to the female empowerment game, and in the run up to New York Fashion Week, they have released a new #FreeThePits campaign, displayed in the literal pits of New York. 

According to their research, 8/10 women don’t like how their armpits look, feel, or sweat. Another 6/10 admitted to judging others for their armpits – a crime even I’m guilty of. But it’s 2023 guys, and we shouldn’t be judging other people’s armpits. Hairy is not scary and if they don’t smell, what is the problem? 

And Dove are making sure of that by giving out their Dove Pit Kit which includes their advanced care antiperspirant.  

So, let’s smash these negative stereotypes, one hairy pit at a time. 

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Snap Tour.

Champagne Papi has teamed up with snapchat to take one of their most popular lenses on tour with him, and the results are pretty amusing. 

During a live performance of his hit song “Laugh Now Cry Later,” Drake used Snapchat’s crying Lens in real time to transform his audience into what appeared to be a sea of sobbing faces. These digitally-altered reactions were projected onto the big screen for the entire crowd to see and it had them in stitches. 

While the concept of incorporating augmented reality into his show might seem straightforward, it was a clever move from Drake. In the age of watching concerts through phone screens and social media sharing, thousands of concert goers couldn’t help but post these videos online, turning his tour into a viral sensation.  

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Adopt a Box.

For just £1, you – yes you – can own your very own red phone box. The UK’s bright phone boxes are undeniably iconic. They’re as British as a cuppa and have been symbols of British pop culture since their first introduction back in 1920s.  

It’s no secret that public payphones do not get used as much as they did back in the day – I genuinely do not think I’ve used one in my lifetime. But they are nostalgic nonetheless and many communities and councils are repurposing them in creative ways so they can take on a new lease of life. 

And you’re in luck! To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the phone box, BT announced that 1000 of them are going for sale across the UK. 

 So, if you’ve ever dreamed of having your own quirky conversation nook, a mini library, or perhaps the world’s tiniest art gallery, this might just be your chance. For the price of a Twix, you can become the proud owner of a symbol of British history. 

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