volume 44

gourmet cravings

weird pregnancy cravings have been brought to life and photographed beautifully here at eating for two cook book.


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wheels of fury

mad max promotes the release of their video game by taking over uber for the day. passengers who order an uber have the option of being picked up in a mad max vehicle to take them to their destination. really fun idea we say, and great way of getting yourself all over social media, to view click here

say no more

a room where you can go in a smash things up. for 20 bucks. done

retched news

a resourceful way to deliver bad news and deal with the possible aftermath as well. nausea bag lets you spill the beans and then spill your guts. see more here




feel it with a smile

listerine get us with this touching video showing an app they have created allowing blind people to see their friends and family smile. something we all take for granted everyday. the app visually tracks and recognises when people the user is talking to smile. it then sends a vibration through the participants phone letting them know. great use of technology.



waves of grace

a moving short documenting one woman’s survival of the ebola outbreak using 360 video. we see and hear her story with an amazing visual aid that allows us to see the story from all angles. to watch please view here