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Volume 410

This week on Coolsh*t - we’ve got £10k at stake, fried chicken and beer, and story about space made it in (shock!) And even better news, the podcast has an all new editor-in-chief for one week only…

Finger Lickin' Good.

It’s every Londoners dream; no not cheap pints and an empty tube at rush hour, but a pub opened by our favourite (debatable) fried chicken shop, KFC.

In a rather fitting name, The Colonel’s Arm is open for one week only (Monday 28th, set your alarms!) to celebrate the start of the World Cup. It’s bringing the classic British experience of a pint and football together with fried chicken, ordered directly to your table.

Will this be the start of fast-food chains opening boozers to combine two very different (and popular) experiences? I can get on board – saves me a trip to McDonalds on my way home after a night out.

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GUESS You Can Help Yourselves.

GUESS what happens when art is stolen by a large fashion company? People are told to steal back!

That’s what graffiti artist Banksy told his 11.8million followers on Instagram to do.

Don’t worry, there aren’t reports of people gathering to loot the GUESS Regent Street store, as they had to shut their doors and cover the “Flower Thrower” artwork that they displayed (without permission.)

“They’ve helped themselves to my artwork without asking, how can it be wrong for you to do the same to their clothes?”  Kind of hypocritical that someone who spray paints on public property is kicking up a fuss over this.

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Space Chocolate.

We tend to love a science and space story on Coolsh*t so it would be rude not to include one again this week.

But don’t get too hungry, that isn’t chocolate you’re looking at, but the inside structure of a neutron star… which is said to be exactly like a chocolate praline.  A neutron star is the collapsed core of a supergiant star and scientists have discovered that the heavy neutron stars have a ‘stiff mantle and soft core’ and light neutron stars have a ’soft mantle and stiff core’, much like the Ferrero Rocher’s we’ll all be scoffing at Christmas. It seems that the way for regular, non-scientist people to understand space terms is through food comparisons so the chocolatey connotations are continuing in the space world (think Milky Way, Galaxy, Mars, Magic Stars.) Who knows what the next mouth-watering breakthrough will be?

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Taking The Biscuit.

With the state of the housing market at the moment, it’s not surprising that alternative accommodation methods are popping up. Quite literally as Pop Tarts have decided to make their mark in the world of property by listing houses made entirely of the biscuit on real-estate marketplace website, Zillow.

This is to celebrate the return of the festive gingerbread Pop-Tart after 10 years.

Before you get too excited, sadly the house isn’t habitable, but an imaginary one listed on Zillow in a bid to inspire consumers to build their own pastry houses and showcase their masterpieces on social media- all with a chance to win $15,000.

I’d love a real-life Hansel and Gretel situation, living and eating my way through a pop tart house, with the exception of being captured by a witch of course.

Cookies n’ Crème kitchen countertops and Chocolate Fudge bedrooms anyone?

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Buying All Black.

Black Friday not your thing? Try Black-OWNED Friday.

Google have had an initiative to celebrate black-owned businesses for the past three years, and this year they’ve taken it up a notch with an interactive, shoppable music video featuring Ludacris and Flo Milli rapping “I’ma buy all Black! I’ma buy all Black!”

The video takes you through a day in the world of Black-owned businesses, where you can shop the different scenes on your screen, which include over 100 products from 70 independent stores, all whilst guiding Ludacris on his journey through the video via different purchases.

Some call it influencer marketing, but I feel it’s more reminiscent of that interactive Black Mirror episode (minus the horrible twists.)

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

Would you call David Beckham a gay icon? Well Joe Lycett thinks he is. But quickly pulled him down from that pedestal because he didn’t end his ambassadorship deal with Qatar (something I don’t think many people knew about.)
By threatening to shred £10k unless Beckham ended his World Cup promotion deal with the country which bans same-sex marriage, Lycett has managed to really spread awareness about a cause he cares about.

He didn’t actually shred the money though (irresponsible in a cost-of-living crisis), he donated it to LGBTQ+ charities instead. However, the 2002 Attitude magazine cover featuring Beckham did manage to reach a shredder- along with his gay icon status.

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The Coolsh*t Podcast - Ep. 31.

Pop Tarts or gay rights? Don’t worry, it’s not a binary choice.

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