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Volume 403

Sadly no podcast this week BUT you have the third highest contributor, who loves to give her opinion, writing edition 403 of the newsletter (Ginah from High Stakes Films!) This week we have a few weird Paris fashion week stories, Kim K being sued and an appearance (or not) from John Cena.

Get out ma swamp!

There has recently been a widespread consensus, on social media anyway, that Balenciaga is one big social experiment, taking the piss out of us and how poor we really are (as mentioned in a previous Coolsh*t with the roll out of their £1478 trashbags)

So would you look at that… we have another case of Denma (Balenciaga’s creative director) pushing the boundaries of fashion, if that’s what you want to call it.

Striking again at Paris fashion week, Balenciaga had models walking through what was essentially, a swamp for the new SS23 collection.
Yep, think of Shrek, except there weren’t ogres stomping through brown, wet sludge, but high-end models (and Kanye West) in extremely expensive garments of clothing getting covered in mud.

I’ll just continue to pretend to understand the rules of fashion in 2022.

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You can’t see him.

Well apparently 650+ children can. Wrestler, and more recently, actor, John Cena, has made it into the Guinness World Book of Records.. why? Not for anything wrestling related, unless you count wrestling with heartstrings, but for taking part in the most make a wish foundation engagements.

This is a pretty lovely story as no one else has made it past 200 engagements, so his commitment to making little kids happy is clear.

After a lengthy career of exclaiming his sudden vanishing abilities, it’s great to (finally) see John showing up and putting in a shift in. Talk about Attitude Adjustments…

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Adult toys at McDonalds.

Get your mind out the gutter!

McDonalds collabs have been some of the hottest in recent years. The likes of rappers Travis Scott and Saweetie, and superstars like Mariah Carey have proven even the rich and famous can’t say no to a Big Mac.

Continuing with responding to what the fans apparently want, McDonalds are launching adult happy meals in collab with streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market. It’s only available in the US (boo), and people are really happy with the fact they can get 10 nuggets and an adult toy. Again, not that type of adult toy.

Maybe it’s the nostalgia? Or maybe people just love happy meals.

But I really don’t think it’s the well thought out strategy from McDonalds CMO around art and culture that is making people go crazy for these meals.

How many more years must we wait until the McDonalds adult playpark?

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Trash or treasure.

“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate” (that’s a captain Jack Sparrow quote for anyone that didn’t know.)

But no, it’s not- it’s a slab of diseased tree that was a part of the décor for a Pirates of the Caribbean themed ride at US Disneyland.

What they like to call upcycling, which looks more like exploiting stupid fans to me, Disneyland are selling pieces of the Rusty Fig tree for $6500, with only 45 pieces available. This is following a ride renovation which means allowing a way for fans to get their hands on limited and special pieces of rotten wood.

Not sure this is the typical souvenir you’d take from the amusement park (I had Minnie mouse ears) but whatever floats your (pirate) boat.

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New Cryptoqueen?

Her sex tape got leaked in 2007, she was the most googled woman on the planet in 2008, she got a divorce after 72 days in 2011, she was married to one of the biggest rappers in the world…

And now she’s being sued a FAT $1.6million for advertising crypto currency EthereumMax, which sounds like a Viagra brand to me. Kim Kardashian, arguably one of the first influencers of our time, fell into the trap of advertising on Instagram without telling her followers she was getting paid to do so (all in the name of transparency, ironic really)

Also what happened to influencers selling slimming tea and lip-gloss? Kim K had to go one up with cryptocurrency. Can you get any more 2022?

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Future of fashion.

What’s your job?

I spray dresses onto naked models…

Continuing with all things fashion week, French label Coperni delivered a dramatic performance spraying Bella Hadid with a spray-on fabric to which dried to create a dress, all in the space of 15 minutes.

The technology is created by innovator Dr Manuel Torres who has created the tech, where once sprayed, it can dry up into a non-woven fabric layer. And what’s better, the garment can be washed and re-worn.

Fashion continues to push the boundaries more and more when it comes to technology but is it still fashion if no actual clothes are involved?

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