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Volume 394

Warning: this week’s coolsh*t may result in extreme hunger. We’re bringing you everything from finger licking chicken to greasy fry ups and shroomy interiors. Oh, not to mention the latest episode of the podcast. God, we treat you. In case you’re thinking ‘wait, this doesn’t sound like James!’ it’s because it’s not. The lucky bugger is in Botswana, so you have me (Kyra Clement) running the show today.

Kentucky Fly Chicken.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Kind of, I guess. KFC have announced that they will now be offering flying drones to deliver your bargain buckets to your doorstep within minutes (with its fastest delivery to date being 2 minutes and 47 seconds). Hot, fresh chicken in an instant, from the click of a button- we really are living in the future. Unfortunately, this service is currently only available in Australia, but they are looking to gradually expand. Come on UK, if you like it, put a wing on it!

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Literally Mining Bitcoin.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I understand the world of crypto, but here’s something I do know. A dad in Wales is kicking himself after accidentally throwing away a hard drive with £150million worth of bitcoin on it *cries in broke*.  It is now sitting somewhere in a council rubbish dump in South Wales and nearly 10 years later, he is plotting a £10million hunt to find it. Long story short, he has a plan (backed by a hedge fund) which involves experts from landfill excavation, security in the form of robot dogs and a mechanical arm. Once the landfill is cleared and the hard drive found, he plans to set up a community owned mining facility to use ‘clean electricity’ (whatever that is) to create sustainable Bitcoin for Newport residents. But how can Bitcoin be sustainable? Unfortunately, I don’t have the brain power to tell you. But if you really care, listen to our resident crypto expert on our coolsh*t podcast (yes, shameless plug).

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Greasy Tunes.

Picture this, you’re in an intimate greasy spoon tucking into a proper British breakfast- crispy bacon, runny eggs, the works. Just as you bite into your hash brown you hear the sweet melody of your favourite artist wafting through the air. Not through a speaker, but right in front of you. No this isn’t a dream, it’s Spotify’s ‘Greasy Tunes’ pop-up café in Shoreditch. Here, guests are invited to listen to interviews, podcasts and performances from established as well as up-and-coming artists, whilst tucking into a full English. Grounded in fan culture, the goal is to bring fans and artists closer together, and what better way to do that than through food? A great concept, big ups and fry ups!

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Shroomy Coffins.

Some people’s dying wish is to be buried, others cremated. I’ve heard you can even be turned into a tree. For Dutch start up Loop, it’s a coffin made of mushrooms. Why? You ask… The main component of these coffins is fungal mycelium, nature’s greatest recycler. Not only is mycelium biodegradable, but it also has a few superpowers — it can neutralize toxic substances, converts waste into useful product and provides nutrients to plants growing nearby. Essentially, these shroomy coffins will allow us to feed the earth with our deceased bodies. Did you know, when buried in an average coffin the human body can take a decade or more to decompose? A mushroom coffin however, composts and disappears in about a month, and the body inside breaks down in 2-3 years! But when does the fun(gi) stop? Founder, Hendrikx, has said he aims to build entire cities out of mycelium and eventually, the world with ecological structures. Watch this space.

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The Mandem couldn't so the Gyaldem did.

You know what they say… if you want something done right, ask a woman. It has finally come home, thanks to the England Women’s team. Now, maybe I’m biased, but this sh*t is the coolest. History was made before our very eyes last week as we witnessed the Lionesses beat Germany 2-1 in the Women’s Euros 2022 final. Many are calling it a turning point, with this being the highest-attended match – men’s or women’s – in European Championship history. The game was watched by a peak 17.4 million and the extra time win was also the most watched programme in the UK so far in 2022. Hopefully this long-overdue recognition acts as an impetus for the change we so desperately need to see in football.

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Love Island Debrief.

As we say farewell to Love Island 2022, along with a few of my braincells, it’s only right to reflect on this whirlwind 8 weeks. Not your typical coolsh*t content but James isn’t here so who’s going to stop me? As a Love Island veteran and seasoned watcher (no I’m not proud), I feel qualified to commentate on this year’s season. Not unlike previous years, the show was littered with misogyny and toxic behaviour. What did strike me as different was the public’s reaction and the power of this. It is rumoured that ITV2 producers listened to the public outcry and stepped in on multiple occasions to de-escalate problematic situations. Better yet, following this online concern, domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid have publicly called out the show and have confirmed that they are in conversation with producers over the show’s duty of care and are working together to create a positive change. A small step in the right direction.

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The Coolsh*t Podcast - Ep. 20.

Flying chickens, missing cats and robot dogs. You’re in for a treat.

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