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Volume 342

If you're WFH, you're going to thank me for this week's coolsh*t. It includes a few ways for you to spice up your virtual life, which I think we all need at this point in the pandemic. Enjoy!

Robot Olympics.

Technology has rendered many jobs obsolete, from cashiers to assembly line workers and train ticket sellers. Now, another job is about to be added to that list. Any guesses? Yep, you guessed it, basketball players! CUE is a 6 foot 10 inch tall basketball robot that can shoot hoops with nearly 100 percent accuracy. I guess this means that Tokyo could be the last Olympics where we have humans on the court, as why wouldn’t you want a whole team of robots after hearing those stats. Whatever next? My prediction is robot swimmers, although I guess they would first have to figure out how to make waterproof robots which sounds like quite the challenge.

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Kanye's Den.

When I first saw this picture, I thought to myself, why has Kanye West moved into a London flat share? This room, with its frameless bed, doorless wardrobes and prison like walls with no windows reminds me of half the places I have seen on Rightmove when looking for a new place to call home. However, it turns out this is not a room in a 10 bed warehouse conversion in East London, rather it is in the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta where Kanye is living while he puts the final touches to his latest album, Donda. Fans had thought that the album was already finished, given that he hosted a listening party to a sold out stadium last Friday, but apparently there’s still a while to go before the official release. I can’t imagine that room is the best for creative inspiration, so it will be interesting to hear the last few tracks.

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Crocs Love Collabs.

Is there anyone Crocs hasn’t done a collab with? In recent years, they’ve teamed up with Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Palace, Chinatown Market, Bad Bunny, G Flip, Diplo and Lightening McQueen to name a few (a few? who am I kidding, that was a very long list). I’m starting to think they’ll end up asking me soon as there will be no one left in the whole world who has not designed a Croc. Their latest collaboration is with the former Versace designer, Salehe Bembury. He has abandoned the classic clog design in favour of a fingerprint-like pattern with funky grooves. I would describe these shoes as a ‘grower’, which is what my mum calls most pop songs she hears on the radio. When I first saw them, I thought ew, who in their right mind would wear these? But over the course of writing this short paragraph I have warmed to them. I think the right person could pull them off. That person, however, is not me.

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WFO (Work From Orb).

Ahhh, I remember being sent home from work in March 2020 and thinking this whole WFH malarkey would last for three weeks max. I thought there was no point investing in my WFH set up, so I sat at my dining table for 8 hours a day on the world’s most uncomfortable chair. How wrong was I! Here I am a year later with terrible back pain and a cricked neck. But we move. Now WFH is going to be sticking around, I think it’s about time we all ensured that we have the right set-up. Enter Cooler Master’s Orb X Gaming pod! The pod is shaped like an orb (as I’m sure you guessed from the name), forming a semi-enclosed cockpit to provide uninterrupted privacy. Although designed for gaming, there’s nothing stopping the Orb X from doubling up as a working station so you can block out the world and crack on with your work in peace.

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Get the Pixar Look.

Talking of WFH, here’s another way to spice up your virtual life. With this Snapchat filter which can be added to ZOOM, you can turn yourself into a living cartoon who looks like they’ve jumped straight out of a Pixar film. So why not surprise your colleagues? For your sake, I hope they notice the difference between your normal and cartoon self, otherwise that would be awkward.

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Bargain Bin.

Who doesn’t love a bargain? No one that’s who. The thrill is like no other. Well for all you bargain seekers out there, I present to you GovDeals, the site where items that are surrendered to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) in Pensylvania are auctioned off. You can buy things like 12 pounds of scissors, 11 pounds of assorted box cutters and six pounds of reading glasses. I’m not entirely sure why anyone would need these items in those sorts of quantities, but hey a bargain is a bargain and one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that bulk buying is always a good idea.

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