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Volume 336

Well, that one week of summer was nice, hey? This week’s coolsh*t is reliving it with celebratory scenes in the sunshine, a getaway on wheels, and the Avengers of art.

Doomsday Glamping.

In the blink of an eye, it’s a full year later and roughly that time again when you have to start planning a holiday to some place in Britain that you would never choose to go to under normal circumstances. But with this whopping electric truck, you can at least spare yourself the embarrassment of rocking up to a campsite and discovering A) you don’t have all the parts of your tent, or B) you haven’t got the faintest idea how to put the pissing thing up. The Alpha WOLF – which sounds like something Hulk Hogan would call his dog – is a collaboration between AMC and Heimplanet to create a bespoke tent that integrates perfectly into the truck bed. Thus also sparing you the usual discovery at the end of the weekend that your tent has doubled in size and could have never come out of this tiny bag you’re trying to put it back into. So, all in all, this truck is the perfect choice for a disappointing summer holiday that you will forget. Or the apocalypse – whichever comes first.

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Art Attack.

If there’s one thing the Marvel and DC cinematic universes have taught us – and there may only be one thing – it’s that people love seeing characters from two different franchises interact with each other. It appears that “Omg Thor and that guy from The Guardians of the Galaxy seem like they’re gonna be mates” is now an unfailing strategy for ensuring multi-million box office success and critical acclaim. And I hope I don’t sound supercilious there, because I am absolutely guilty of falling for this myself. Now, Italian architect Claudia Storelli has created the artistic equivalent of Superman having a fight with Batman in her series ‘The Impossible Dialogues’, using digital tools to create some unexpected collaborations. For example, she shows us what it would look like if Botticelli’s Venus was about to get mauled by Dali’s tigers. Quite the surreal experience for the poor young lady, I bet.

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About a million years ago when we started working from home, we were told that, if you could help it, it’s probably not the best idea to work all day in the room that you sleep in. There’s a certain obvious logic to that, as you can quickly create a solipsistic cheese nightmare for yourself and forget the outside world exists. However, maybe the answer’s actually just to double down. Perhaps if you could make your bedroom and office feel like two different rooms without ever having to remove your backside from its seated position, then that could do the trick. Ori’s Cloud Bed is a smart home furniture solution that’s designed to optimize space and minimize effort. Basically, you press a button when you wake up and your bed ascends like a faithful Scientologist into the ether above, putting you one step closer to never having to leave the cave you’ve created for yourself this last year. But what happens when you reach that mid-afternoon slump and need a lie down?

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Just Re-Do It.

Waste = bad. We know that now. If that Greenpeace activist had managed to land his parachute safely in the Allianz Arena rather than nearly killing Didier Deschamps with falling debris, I’m sure he probably would have told you something similar. So if anything can ever be repurposed, it probably should be. How about turning 40,000 old trainers into a basketball court? Funny you should ask, as that’s exactly what Nike have done in Hong Kong. This week, under the mantra of “more performance, less waste”, they unveiled the the Shek Lei Grind Court, which is made up of palettes of recycled and regenerated materials composed of plastic, rubber, foam, fibre, leather, textile and probably a few toenails. I wish I’d known old trainers could be so useful before I gave all mine to the charity shop. What a bloody waste.

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I’m sorry, but how could I not include this? International tournaments just bring a unique atmosphere with them. There are only a few weeks every couple of years when it becomes not only socially acceptable but desirable to walk into a pub and treat the declaration “It’s coming home” as if it were a proper greeting. And you con yourself into thinking on some level that this time, more than any other time, those words might actually be true. The Euros are well and truly underway now, so photographer Jake Lewis pounced upon the opportunity to photograph the scenes of elation at the Vinegar Yard in London at the very moment England scored their first goal. The sun was steaming – as were the people – pints had been flung skywards, and, by the looks of it, that bloke on the left had just finished urinating. Truly iconic moments. Long may they continue.

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the re-up: money.

SELFHOOD just dropped their latest re-up. This time round, they’re talking money.

The stereotype that young people are all crap with money is outdated. Today’s Next Gen are a uniquely savvy generation of consumers. But that doesn’t mean they’re tight. They’re growing up. They’ve got money to spend. And they’re spending it on brands who might not consider Gen Z to be their ‘core demographic’. It’s time for brands to reset and rethink the way they’re communicating with their Next Gen consumers. This starts with understanding them.