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In the last coolsh*t of February (where has that gone?!), Account Director Fis runs you through all the biggest events of the last week: Love Island’s crescendo, a long-anticipated Friends reunion, and The Gypsy King’s Las Vegas coronation. Long live the King.

50 Shades Of Bandaids.

Well 3 to be exact. Light, medium and dark. Either way Tesco deserve a round of applause. A standing ovation even, for being the first supermarket to launch their own range of plasters for diverse skin tones. Supported by the BAME at Tesco employee network, these packs finally hit the shelves earlier this week.

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It’s Happening.

And you’re right, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. They’re back in action. 16 years on, the crew are finally reuniting for an unscripted one-off special. Although it’s not a new episode per se, we’ll get the chance to skip down memory lane. Ross’ glowing teeth, Phoebe running through Central Park, Monica’s holiday hair and Gunther – how can we forget Gunther?

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Not Bad For A Fat Guy Who Can’t Punch.

Under the sparkling lights on the Las Vegas strip, Tyson Fury reclaimed his throne with a knockout in the seventh round against Deontay Wilder. Following his public battle against addiction and mental health, Saturday’s win has some calling this the greatest comeback in modern sports history. So what’s next for the Gypsy King? Did someone say Anthony Joshua?

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The Love Is Gone.

So how do we feel? We all shunned it, turned our noses up at it and even said we wouldn’t watch it. Love Island is happening in the Winter? Well that’s just ridiculous. And 8 weeks later, even if we didn’t tune in nightly, we all know the couple crowned King and Queen – *cue slow clap for Finn and Paige*. And now the countdown starts all over again. See you in the summer folks ✌🏾.

The Boys Are Back.

In the words of Michael Ward, breakout star from Netflix’s Top Boy – ‘If you don’t know, now you knowwwwwww’. Filming for season two of the UK drama has started, with new episodes set to drop in Spring. Not only do we get to enjoy another series, but it looks like our favourite OGs will be back on screen. Word on the street is that both Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson are set to make an appearance 👀.

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No Preservatives Please.

All press is good press right? Well, Burger King seem to think so. To promote the removal of artificial preservatives from their infamous Whopper, they invested in a pretty ballsy ad spot, showing people what the burger looks like 34 days on. And as expected, it looks pretty grim.

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