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Volume 269

This week, we bring you a very special edition of coolsh*t. For the first time ever, we have a Guest coolsh*t Curator. Iolo Edwards, Editor-In-Chief of High Fashion Talk, takes over to give you the inside track from his own experiences of London Fashion Week last week. Security squabbles, sentiments of sustainability, and Spice Girls – it’s not to be missed.

Matty Bovan Twists Reality.

London Fashion Week is famed for its eccentric designs and theatricality, though the tradition has been lost recently with the prevalence of streetwear. However, Keeping the tradition alive and the standard high, Matty Bovan allowed us to dream when times are hard post-Brexit. Covered here by his local newspaper at home in Yorkshire – which is where he escapes to create his fantastical garments.
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Lena Dunham: Dreams Do Come True.

Though it launched a million memes across the internet, Lena Dunham’s walk for 16Arlington didn’t harm the brand – in fact it put them on the map. It’s cute to see how a chance encounter came to fruition in spring boarding the design duo and also fulfilling the dream of the Renaissance Woman from Girls.

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Don’t You Know Who I Am?!

It seems that 90% of everyone’s time at fashion week is spent arguing with door people and security about whether or not you are meant to be inside or if your name is on the list. It’s rather refreshing to see that the biggest supermodel of the moment is having the same problem as everyone else; how relatable! What the article fails to mention is that the entourage she was escorting in was 50 people strong and proceeded to take over the corner in which I was sitting at this party at The Standard hotel. Cheers Bella!

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Rebellious Spice.

The article that has triggered more people at LFW than any other was when Victoria Beckham told everyone that her collection was a “gentle rebellion”. It’s a mystery to everyone what exactly she is rebelling against as she seems to embody everything that people hate about fashion – but I guess this is just how she Wannabe.

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“Vote For Bush”?!

To know who are the next up-and-coming at LFW, all you have to do now is look towards the Fashion East show, which has a monopoly on supporting and developing the most exciting talent. Lead by industry genius Lulu Kennedy, the initiative has been a launching pad for some of the biggest designers working today and has enabled collaborations with mega-companies like Nike. This season was no less innovative and disruptive as ever, with menswear designers showing in the same show as womenswear. The show format was turned into an intricate dance and featured a “Vote for Bush” sweater which has both confused and angered people around the world.

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His Name Is Small, And So Is His Carbon Footprint.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the British Fashion Council’s agenda as they concede that the fashion industry, though being one of the most important contributors to the British Economy and culture, is also one of the biggest polluters. Joshua James Small is one designer who only allows himself to be sustainable in his work by using offcuts donated by factories and headstock fabric no longer wanted by its original purchaser. His couture level work has attracted commissions from big artists and celebrities, but he has conscientiously declined some of his biggest commissions due to not having the means to procure the fabric sustainably.

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