Volume 267

Callaly, Newcomer Period Care.

Menstruation is no longer taboo to talk in public. Callaly is a D2C brand that focuses on a personalised experience, and delivers a full range of customisable organic cotton period products tailored to individual women’s needs. Their product boxes and the wrappers are recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. Callaly can replace your current non-eco-friendly sanitary products.

Home, design, organization.

These are my favourite words. When it comes to storage and organisation systems at home, I take time to go through every product on IKEA and get every measurement of all my furniture. Open Spaces is another new D2C brand, for home organisation. Started in the US, the brand encourages people to tidy their homes to focus on more important things such as friends and loved ones. Let’s spark joy in our everyday routine.


Everyone’s thought about just rocking up to the airport and booking a flight to god-knows-where. Lad Bible shared this video of travel vlogger Noel Phillips doing precisely that, as he arrives at each airport and books the cheapest flight that day. This spontaneous lil bugger managed to get from London to Budapest to Dubai (!) and finally Kathmandu for a grand total of around £115 (and over half of that was on the Dubai to Kathmandu leg alone). Having spent a lot more than that not long ago to get to Kathmandu myself, I feel slightly cheated. Damn you and your crafty ways, Noel Phillips.


“What if Tom Cruise starred in American Psycho?”. We’ve all lost countless hours of sleep pondering this. Well, the good people at Spotflik have answered our prayers by sharing a Deepfake with this very title. After getting over the initial shock of seeing Tom Cruise’s face on a body over 5’2, you’ll realise that the video represents a trifecta of eeriness. 1) Eerie how similar Tom Cruise and Christian Bale actually look, 2) Eerie in the sense that the axe hit him in the ear, and 3) Eerie how convincing Cruise is as a secretly terrifying maniac – wonder why.


I decided to put this story in purely because I was so relieved to find out that I’m not the only lunatic with a collection of weird iPhone notes that will never see the light of day. There is no better medium nor time for true profundity of thought and expression than a 3AM iPhone note. For example, my most recent note simply says “Genghis Carnage” and was the product of a solitary brainstorming session trying to come up with a good DJ name.


Why can’t Elon Musk just sit back and be a billionaire? Last week he took a break from making trucks to make some tracks instead. Musk released his latest EDM track, “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe”, as a follow-up to his debut single, “RIP Harambe”. The song’s not bad – it has a sort of robotic-hypnosis of affirmation ‘vibe’ that you’d probably expect from the Archbishop of AI. Regardless of what you think of Musk or his music, at least he’s promoting positivity in his tracks: self-confidence, and, well, respect for deceased gorillas. I’ve got a class DJ name he can use as well…