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Volume 259

In this week's coolsh*t, our Team Assistant Holly dazzles you with a heart-warming extra-terrestrial Xmas ad, award-winning artists, and – most importantly - our new SELFHOOD White Paper. Have a read!

WTF Are D2C Brands?

You’ve probably heard the term D2C being banded about over the past couple of months and wondered WTF it means. Direct To Consumer brands like Glossier, and Harry’s are the revolutionaries reshaping entire markets and we’re here to ask what this means for brands across the board. Check out the film and report here.


Reunited And It Feels So Good.

Sky has won Christmas, guys! Their 2019 Christmas ad gives us what we didn’t even know we wanted, with the return of Elliot and his alien bestie, E.T. Although it was released a bit before my time, the film transcends generations, and Sky’s ad reinforces what Christmas is all about: reconnecting with loved ones and watching timeless classics tucked under a blanket with your fav alien. If you think you can hack the tear-inducing nostalgia, give the ad a watch here.

You Get A Turner Prize! You Get A Turner Prize!

Everybody gets a Turner Prize! This year the competition’s jury presented all four shortlisted artists with the most prestigious award in British art. It was the artists themselves who came up with the idea to unite, as they had all produced work that centred around social and political issues and agreed that “it would feel problematic if they were pitted against each other”. Westminster caught wind of this and have decided that Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn will share a bunk bed in Number 10 as Co-Prime Minsters come December 12th.

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Let’s Keep This One Brief.

The equally prestigious ‘Turnip Prize’ has been awarded to 69-year-old Fanny Scorcher after his piece, Bush Fire Down Under, blazed through the competition. The satirical spoof contest crowns the artist who creates the best “crap art using the least amount of effort possible” – a brief that Fanny undoubtedly fulfilled with aplomb. However, it wasn’t an easy run for Scorcher, as the competition received 100 entries and was awash with Brexit-inspired installations like ‘Lettuce Leaf or Romaine’ (and that was just the tip of the iceberg), as well as some of the most brilliantly inventive creations made using mundane household items.

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Burger X Bus X Brexit X Banter.

Burger King have laced up their satire boots to give the political establishment a kicking. The witty ad is a snipe at Vote Leave’s infamous bus ads, which made now-debunked claims about the future of the NHS post-Brexit. Ian Heartfield, outgoing CCO at Burger King’s ad agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, said that the “killer idea” was approved by the “brave client” without hesitation and has got the nation talking. Rumour has it that Nigel Farage is inconsolable and has been crying in to his pint of ale ever since.

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Black Widow’s Marvelous Trailer.

This week, Marvel Studios released their action-packed trailer for Black Widow, which will feature Scarlett Johansson’s bad-ass(assin) character at the forefront of the story – finally! The 2-minute preview includes a not-so-emotional family reunion, rooftop parkour, and a mid-plummet shoot-out – all the staples of a great superhero film. Check out the trailer ahead of its May 2020 release.