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Volume 257

Winter is coming … and with the help of Liam Gallagher, our CCO Matt is encouraging you to part with your parka to help those most in need. Interested? Find out more in this week’s coolsh*t.

Because Maybe, You’re Gonna Be The One That Saves Me.

Winter is coming. And there’s 5000 people sleeping rough every night across the UK. Thanks to an initiative by Liam Gallagher, Shelter, Centrepoint and a couple of other amazing charities you can donate the Stone Island jacket that you thought was a good idea at the time but a bad decision in hindsight. And that’s probably the same thing you’ll think after winning the giveaway gig tickets.

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Is Kanye A Cult In The Making?

The MAGA hat wearing second coming has just dropped $15m on a second (because you need two obvs) ranch in Wyoming. Is he a genius property investor creating a new creative utopia away from the scorched hills of Calabasas or just the purple sweatpants clad, leading role in a future Netflix ‘because you watched Wild Wild Country’ documentary?

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Mmm, Baby Yoda Am I…

So Disney bought Star Wars for $4bn and everyone thought they were off their rocker. Six films, two theme parks and now a streaming channel later they introduce a baby fucking Yoda. Star Wars spin off series The Mandalorian (every Friday on Disney+) mysteriously features ‘The Child’ and series director Jon Favreau revealed the concept art this week on twitter. If I had a heart, melting it would be.

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What’s Worse Than Losing A Single Airpod?

San Francisco resident and Art Director Pablo Rochat is a menace to the hordes of apple fans that have lost one Airpod. Unable to bring themselves to junk the other and unwilling to fork out for a new pair, they stash the lonely Airpod in the bedside drawer hoping to one day find another to gloriously reunite them and maybe breed baby airpods. Looks like it’s your lucky day doesn’t it!?! No, no it doesn’t.

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Tattooist Makes A Tit Out Of Facebook.

When her facebook account promoting her medical tattoo work for women who have undergone reconstructive breast surgery was closed down by the Zuckerbots, artist Vicky Martin was not having it one bit. She inflated a giant boob modelled on a previous recipient of one of her tattoos outside Facebook London and invited a load of her mates down for a sing song to protest.

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Tech’s Original Sin.

The code behind every image you see on this page and pretty much every other webpage has been tested against a single scanned and cropped picture that has been in circulation since the invention of the jpg. The picture of Miss November, 1972. AKA Lena, a one-time Swedish Playboy model is still the benchmark for all jpg algorithms. Recognising the challenges faced by women in Tech, Code Like a Girl and Creatable have launched a campaign where you too can pledge to lose Lena.

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