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Volume 256

November is already halfway through and there’s only 40 days till Christmas. Our in house Jack of all trades and master of this week’s coolsh*t, Lloyd, gives you some early bird Christmas gift inspiration so you’re not that person still shopping on Christmas Eve. There’s also dragon to watch out for….I think you know what he’s talking about.

Kith X Disney, Innit?

Cause nothing says young, contemporary, on-trend like a 91-year-old mouse.

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Hip Hop X Romeo & Juliet.

This is gonna be a banger, no two ways about it. Soon to be followed up with a Glam Rock version of Hamlet and a Nu Rave take on King Lear. It’ll be like the MCU by the time they’re done.

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John Lewis X Christmas (Again).

T’was the month before Christmas and all across the west, Dozens of retailers attempt to be the best; The best at spreading Christmas cheer, And promoting their ads so all can hear; Ikea went big with a grimey Christmas cracker, And Argos’ drumming was certainly no slacker; But here’s the truth, that deep down we all know, The Christmas season doesn’t start until John Lewis says so.

Instagram X Zero Likes.

Is this cool? Is this terrible? Is this the end of influencers? Is this the end of endorphin rushes? Is this the path to healthier social media behaviours? Who’s to say, but IG are coming in hot with their plans to expand the no-likey trial in the US, so watch this space to see the results.

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FKA Twigs X New Tings.

The artist formerly known as Twigs has finally dropped her new album and it’s as weird and wonderful as expected.

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Moncler X Doggos.

Dogs in puffer jackets. Puffer jackets on pooches. Puffer jackets. Good boys. I don’t care about the cost; I’m getting Ralph one of these for Christmas.

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