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Volume 252

Fancy heading to Outer Space this weekend? ZAK’s newest recruit, Junior Planner Julia, kicks off this week’s coolsh*t with space selfies, Bollywood drag and Banksy’s latest venture. Be sure to check it out. It really is out of this world…

Don’t Be A Drag Just Be A Queen.

Bombay Ballroom is India’s first drag show after the country finally decriminalized homosexual sex last year. The show was inspired by ‘campy courtesans of yesteryears’ and was a take on iconic Bollywood actresses in the style of 80s queer ballroom culture. In a scenario where donning drag is a distinctly political statement, the show saw 11 drag queens perform in spectacular style.

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Art, Homeware And Disappointment.

I know what you’re thinking… no this is not a new Ikea tagline. Banksy’s online shop has landed. Following the launch of the Gross Domestic Product store in Croydon, which didn’t let anyone inside, Banksy is actually selling stuff this time. Kind of. Items range from aerosol cans to Stormzy’s bulletproof vest. Banksy’s made a massive disclaimer. Everything’s made in an art studio by people committed to day drinking. You’re advised ‘GDP may prove to be a disappointing retail experience – especially if you’re successful in making a purchase.’

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A Whole New World.

Fortnite’s back. Cue relief from players forced to interact with their families during the two-day shutdown. Season 10 of the viral game finished in apocalyptic fashion – sucking gamers into a black hole. The stunt marked the conclusion of the game’s first chapter, which amassed 250 million players since its launch in 2017. The relaunch introduced players to an entirely new world and proved Fortnite’s here to stay. Sorry Mum.

A Real Grand Design.

The Stirling Prize for the best British building project of the year had never been won by a council housing scheme. Until now. Firm Mikhail Riches’ street of 105 homes in Norwich is hailed as high-quality architecture at its most environmentally and socially conscious form. Last year’s winner was Bloomberg, the largest stone building in the City of London. But Norwich’s victory, in the face of government cuts, is a pioneering example for other councils to follow. Check it out!

Ready To Become A Star?

For the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing, Samsung is launching two of its Galaxy S10s into outer space in a giant helium balloon. How else are they going to piss off Apple amidst the iPhone 11 launch? The phones will receive selfies from people transmitted from the Earth and layer them over real-time shots of the planet – for literally the world to see. This pic better slap.

A Star Is Born.

Kylie Jenner has launched her singing career. In a now viral YouTube video – Kylie sings ‘Rise and Shine’ to daughter Stormi like she’s auditioning for the X Factor. It took minutes for the Internet to create techno remixes, choral re-enactments and custom ‘Rise and Shine’ ringtones. Many have called for Kylie to take over Diana Ross’ slot at Glastonbury. Over to you, Eavis.