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Volume 251

In this week’s coolsh*t, Business Director Jon fills us in on the cool cycling gadgets, a new gaming console and Extinction Rebellion’s latest stunt. Check it out for wheelie wheelie cool eco ready stuff!

Rebel For Life.

Despite what Donald Trump thinks, the world isn’t flat and climate change IS real. But, regardless of your shade of green, you can’t help but admire the latest work from Jamie Hewlett and Extinction Rebellion. Does projection mapping graffiti count as an offence? Whatever… it’s certainly a neat way to get your point across. Bravo.

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Matrix Helmet.

As a cyclist in London, I’m well aware that the main threat to my life comes in the form of other road users. And, whilst I can see them as clear as day, for some reason they’re often oblivious to my very existence, until now. Introducing Lumos Matrix helmets. Now you can communicate your intentions and look like an 8 bit disco sign all at the same time. The only downside… you can’t see it whilst it’s on your head.

How Your Lego Collection Can Save The Planet.

Plastic’s bad, mmkay. So, what do you do when your business has been churning out the stuff for 30 years, peoples’ lofts are full of your product and there’s no responsible way to dispose of it? Well, Lego are partnering with two non-profit distribution networks to get people’s old collections cleaned, packaged and into the hands of happy new creators. Great initiative. First person to make a recycled Death Star wins. Go!

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Can Common Be Uncommon?

You might argue a kettle boils water and a ladder is for climbing up things, and you’d be right. But, at KK Outlet’s latest exhibition, you’d also most likely be wrong. Their latest pop-up, situated in the Vans store in Covent Garden, poses the question: ‘how do you make the common, uncommon?’. Check it out to find out.

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Marmite Turn Haters Into Lovers.

In their latest ad, Marmite turn their attentions to the ‘haters’ of the divisive spread. Whilst their claim to be able to use hypnosis to turn the most adamant nose-turner into a fan is just a bit of fun, it’s a fresh take on an insight which hasn’t changed in yonks. You either love it or you hate it. Also, I’m now peckish. Damn you, Marmite.

Next Level Gaming.

All people on this earth fall into two camps: PC gamers or console gamers. If you’re in the former, Sony’s latest PS5 announcement will hardly raise an eyebrow. But, if you’re in the majority, who love to ‘dip in and out’, you can finally look forward to getting some much-needed Ray Tracing in your life. The advanced lighting technique will bring next level immersion to gaming visuals – I cannot wait.

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