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Volume 250

We’re not bugging you, we’re bringing you coolsh*t. Our Head of Resource Angie will fuel you with bizarre facts, insect accessories and electronic fashion. Bee sure to check it out. They won't bite.

The Future Is Now.

It’s 2020 next year, so it’s about time some extreme, totally unnecessary technology shakes things up a bit. Right? Enter Google’s latest pursuit – Jacquard. The small tag seamlessly weaves digital experiences into the things you love, wear and use every day. Levi’s have already jumped on board and created a line of jackets which use the new technology for their Autumn/Winter collection. The Jacquard Tag is located in the cuff and the wearer can receive alerts for a number of things such as if they have left their phone at home. I can’t decide if this extreme or what we’ve all been waiting for?

Airbnb Has Gone Wild.

Airbnb have launched a new service, and it’s not what you’re expecting. ‘Airbnb Animal Experiences’ offers travellers the chance to connect with animals ethically and responsibly. You can book experiences which take you up close with wild animals, but none will involve direct contact apart from when this is part of conservation research. So, rather than swimming with dolphins in captivity, you can now go with a researcher and study them in the wild. It’s an amazing alternative to organisations that encourage unethical contact with animals. What more could we want?

Insect Accessories? Ewwwwww.

If you have a phobia of insects or scream violently at the mere sight of one, look away now. Japanese artist collective Amanojaku and Hesomagari have created leather accessories that mirror insects from around the world. Whether it makes your stomach curl, or cures your phobia we thought it was worth a spot on this week’s coolsh*t as you have to admit, it is cool.

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Finally Something Ebay Doesn’t Sell – Yet.

eBay is moving into the world of art with this month’s Artober event. They’re partnering with 4 artists to sell new and exclusive pieces and will be donating part of the proceeds to charitable causes. eBay have the power to sell to almost anyone across the globe, so I think this will be a huge success. If you’re an art lover, then don’t miss Artober!

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Tweets All Over Your Walls.

Twitter is always evolving. When it started, users were tweeting about what they ate for breakfast and they’d be lucky to get 1 like, or in those days, a favourite. These days, it’s the place many of us look to for an instant laugh, the memes of the moment and the unsuspecting user whose tweet blows up overnight. ‘Framed Tweets’ is a new service on a mission to bring the platform’s best tweets to life. They will print your favourite tweet on fine art paper, cover it in glass and frame it in sleek ornate gold.

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Nothing Stops Billie Eilish.

Have you seen Billie Eilish’s Saturday Night Live performance this week? She not only defies gravity, but does it whilst her injured right foot is encased in the ever so elegant moon boot. This kind of stunt is normally rehearsed and saved for large spaces, yet Billie STILL executed it to perfection, and live! Let’s be real, if my foot was injured, it’d  be on ice, sat in-front of the telly. Props to Billie, that was impressive!

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