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Volume 247

Hustle & Fame Exec Roisin is this week’s coolsh*t curator. She’s bringing you the latest inventions, the most exciting shed you’ll ever see and the secret to never having to queue again. Intriguing, ey?

Better Considered.

80% of soap maker BECO’s staff are people living with disabilities, and the company is on a mission to help them all land their dream jobs. BECO has set up a platform where their staff can share their profile with prospective employers who might want to hire them to do something other than make soap. Through the initiative, BECO are highlighting the duty of employers to help the one million disabled people who are out of work in the UK to find something they will love. What a great initiative. Check out their profile and see if they’re worth stealing.

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Head down to Eccleston Yard this weekend to catch Shedfest, a weeklong festival serving up a dynamic dining experience as part of London Design Festival. The food is provided by the renowned Jones Family kitchen, so visitors can enjoy a delicious five course meal in sheds designed by UK artists.  At the end of the week, the sheds will be auctioned off for charity. Our very own content creative Hannah and her pal Gabby are the illustrators behind one of the sheds. They have gone down a botanical route to celebrate mother nature in an urban environment and it looks amazing.

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No More Queueing.

We’ve all been there. It’s Friday, it’s been a long week and all you want is a curry. And where better to get that from than Dishoom? So you head there, excited and hungry …… But then you see the queue. It’s 2 miles long, so you’re going to be stood out in the cold for three hours. Well my friends, these days are over! Dishoom have launched their long-anticipated recipe book, so now you can make their famous dishes in the comfort of your own home. Happy cooking!

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Fyre Festival 2.0.

Cancel that flight to Las Vegas, Alienstock festival is no more. Matty Roberts, the brains behind ‘Storm Area 51’ and now ‘Alienstock’, was planning on hosting an alien themed party for 10,000 people in the small town of Rachel, Nevada. His biggest problem? The town only had a capacity of 50. Ouch. We should all be grateful that Matty has had the sense to cancel the event before his guests arrived. Fyre Festival could learn a thing or two from him.

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Apple’s Most Pointless Invention Ever.

Wow. Apple are really clutching at straws with their latest invention. They announced the iPhone 11 this week and it comes with the ‘slofie’ feature. Any guesses? It’s a slow-motion selfie, so you can record slowed down videos of yourself using the front camera. Get ready for the annoying Instagram stories.

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21st Century Polaroid.

On the theme of inventions, this week Polaroid has announced the launch of the Polaroid Lab. The device acts as a portable dark room, developing smartphone shots straight from your phone into Polaroid film. You simply place your phone face down onto the device, where the picture is then projected onto film and using a combination of mirrors and light, is recast as an instant photo. How cool!

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