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Volume 246

Having a dull Friday with the sunless sky? Content Creative Hannah will brighten up your day with this week’s coolsh*t. A priest going viral on the internet, memes on British government and behind the scenes of passport photos. Tick Tock! What are you waiting for? Have a read.

Mogg Memes For Days.

If you haven’t seen the Jacob Rees Mogg memes, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! This week, Rees Mogg became an internet hit after he was pictured lying back in the House of Commons, taking a nap whilst the rest of the house debated the slightly important issue of the future of our democracy. The internet’s reaction to the photo was hilarious.

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I Heart Maya Jama.

When it comes to modern icons who sit at the crossroads of fashion, music, football and popular culture, none have made a bigger impact in the last 2 years than Maya Jama. In the latest edition of Gaffer magazine, a publication launched in 2018 to bring together football, music, fashion and culture, the TV and radio presenter opens up about career breaks, finding success on her own terms and the power of pep talks. It’s an inspirational read.

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Take Me To The Light.

Francis and the Lights, Kanye West and Bon Iver dropped a sick new song this week called ‘Take Me to the Light’. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. What a combo. And it doesn’t end there. Band frontman Francis Farewell Starlite produced the track alongside West, BJ Burton, Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat, Jeff Bhasker, Noah Goldstein and Pulitzer Prize winning musician Caroline Shaw. Woah. You’ll love this song <em>EVERYTIME</em> you hear it (listen and you’ll get my hilarious joke).

Tiktok Priest.

Forgive me for saying this, but priests aren’t usually known for being the coolest people around. Until now. Father David Peters, an Episcopalian priest in Texas, has gone viral on TikTok, using the platform as a way of better connecting with the kids he’s teaching. Father David models clerical outfits to the beat of La La Land and sneaks into photographs of the Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury. What a legend.

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The Hidden Side Of Passport Photos.

Passport photos are normally the most boring types of photography, right? Wrong. In his new series ‘Passport Photos’, a visual artist Max Siedentopf created over 40 humorous scenarios, showing what else is happening outside the crop. Indeed, there are a lot of things you could be doing…… If Max Siedentopf offers to take your passport photo, you should probably say no.

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I'm Scared Of Billie Eilish.

This week, Billie Eilish dropped the music video for her latest hit, ‘all the good girls go to hell’. The song is about climate change, and the film features the devil discussing why humans are harming their own planet. To be honest with you, it’s creepy and terrifying, but hats off to Billie for trying to change the world, one music video at a time.