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Volume 245

Spreading positive vibes to you with this week’s coolsh*t is ZAK’s intern, Hannah. She’s talking fashion, food and film. What more could this sunny Friday need?

Behind The Magic Of Notting Hill Carnival.

This weekend welcomed one of Europe’s most anticipated street parties – Notting Hill Carnival. Filmmaker and photographer Buster Grey Jung has made a short film, The Parade to Notting Hill, documenting the communities who build the carnival each year. The film sheds light on the happiness and creativity that is poured into the weekend, as well as the funding struggles they have to overcome. Take a look at his film and photographs which capture the Carnival process perfectly.

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Second Hand September.

September is the month London Fashion Week’s models and influencers’ street style pics grace our Instagram feed. It’s when the weather can’t make up its mind and it is most definitely the month (for all the reasons listed above) I and almost everyone I know is on the hunt for some autumnal items to revamp our over-worn summer wardrobe. This September OXFAM is proposing an initiative to not buy any new clothes for 30 days. The aim is to encourage people to resist being influenced by what they see online, and if absolutely necessary, consider buying second-hand. The amount of clothes Oxfam saves annually from landfill would weigh the same as the Eiffel Tower! So, I think we can all agree 30 days without buying clothes is a challenge we could all take on?

Move Over Victoria’s Secret, Enter Savage X Fenty.

Rihanna revealed on Instagram this week that the Savage x Fenty Show at NYFW will be live streamed to Amazon Prime on the 20th September. Fenty’s collaboration with the lingerie brand reflects and promotes inclusivity, body empowerment and embracing everything that makes us who we are. This breath of fresh air pushes Victoria’s Secret further away from the spotlight, and about time too. Society’s ideal of beauty is shifting, fast, leaving the Victoria Secret Angels behind. This marks the dethroning of Victoria’s Secret Show, as society’s ideal of beauty shifts, leaving behind the lingerie ‘it’ brand.

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Emma Stone Reveals Her New Look.

This week Disney have revealed an exciting sneak preview of Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil in Disney’s new live action film,‘Cruella’. The news has provoked a some-what confused response. Cruella is notoriously known for her upper-class, sophisticated and slightly erratic, demeanour. However, Disney appear to have taken her back to 1970’s punk era to hang out with Vivienne Westwood, as she is pictured in a full leather suit and punk-esque hair and make-up. The film is set to hit our screens in 2021.

The Unsettling Pop-up Shedding Light On What Matters.

The Children’s Society are a charity that work in supporting vulnerable children in the UK. This week, they have launched a pop-up project that raises awareness on what it is like to be a youth in Britain today. The ‘Store of Modern Childhood’ will pop-up in Baker Street from 28-29 August and is anticipated to be both shocking yet positive. Items on the shelves include stab-proof vests and self-hate exercise books, to depict a harsher side to what being a teen for some people is like in Britain today. The store has positive stations too, spaces filled with colour light and positivity. It will show creative work examples from children showcasing their talent, and encouragement that there is more to life.

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Cadbury’s Promote Inclusivity With ‘Unity’ Bar.

This week, Cadbury have released a new four-in-one chocolate bar – showcasing a mix of dark, milk and white chocolate blocks all under one wrapper – this is an indecisive chocolate eaters dream! The bar has been dubbed a ‘Unity’ bar as it launches in India in time for their Independence Day. The bar is here to encourage diversity in the country, bringing together different regions, religions and languages.

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