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Volume 242

Try reading ZAK backwards – Hi, I’m Kaz, the latest member of the creative team. Here's a few cool bits that caught my eye this week... scroll down for a Pickachu army storming Japan, condiment ice cream, and some bad ass gals flipping skater stereotypes. Enjoy!

2,000 Popping Pikachu.

2,000 Pikachu are taking over Yokohama, Japan. Some say they’re heavenly cute. Well I find it a little creepy.

I Scream, You Scream, Wait…. Mustard Ice Cream?

Yup, mustard ice cream is a real thing. Because 3rd August is National Mustard Day, French’s Mustard is celebrating 115 years of using mustard to add something bold and unique. Here’s the recipe for you to try and make it yourself if you really like mustard…

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GLOW Season 3.

Glow season 3 is arriving on 9th August. The show tells the story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. If you haven’t watched previous seasons.. you should! Why? Because this show is rated 8 on IMDB!

Let Home Alone Alone!

Disney has announced they’re remaking Home Alone for its new streaming service. Yikes, how desperate is Disney? Some films are not meant to be touched, remade, or rebooted……

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f*ck, i’m lonely.

No, it’s not a song about Kevin. Or Macaulay Culkin. It’s a song about a breakup. Sob. Lauv has teamed up with Anne Marie on the single which will also appear on the soundtrack of 13 Reasons Why. I lauv this song.

“Girls Don’t Do Things Girly Anymore.”

I wish I could skate like these girls –  they aren’t just flipping skaters, they’re flipping the male-dominated skate scene. This video highlights the discrimination towards female skaters, showcasing the mean comments about them that appear online like “Sweetheart you’re supposed to be mopping the kitchen floor.” It’s powerful.

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