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Volume 241

After a short trip up North I’m feeling refreshed and inspired. So, here I am to share a sprightly compilation of coolsh*t - Editor in Chief, Megg.

Protest Seesaw.

This week saw artist Ronald Rael and architect Virginia San Fratello come together to create a powerful installation at the US-Mexican Border. The piece consisted of three fluorescent pink seesaws that allowed children on either side to play together. A bold reminder that: “actions that take place on one side have direct consequences on the other.” Sadly, the fun came to an end when Border control arrived and decided to shut it down after 30 minutes. Rael and San have concepted other unrealized art projects for the border including turning the wall into a giant xylophone or even a food cart. You can check them out <a href=”″>here.</a>

Next Stop: Chicken Shop.

We’ve all been there. You’re out with your squad, it’s 3am and you’re absolutely steaming. It’s time to stumble to the local fried chicken shop, grab some munch and call it a night. This familiar and sacred intoxicated ritual sets the topic of Laura Jayne’s recent short film ‘Hot and Tasty’. The funky fresh and wacky animation follows two drunk girls on a quest for finger licking goodness, which leads them to unknowingly place themselves at the scene of a crime. If you need a good laugh this is a must watch.

Bossman Stormzy Is Hiring.

Yupp that’s right, Stormzy is looking for a special employee to help elevate his publishing company #Merky Books. Set up a few years back and supported by Penguin Random House, #Merky forms a home for a new generation of writers, publishing around 2-3 books a year. Candidates don’t need a degree, or even a background in editorial, just a whole lot of passion – and I’m sure being up to scratch with your Grime music wouldn’t go a miss. The role is based in London and applications close on August 12th – if you’re keen read more and apply here.

Ready… Set...bake!

To get the nations heart racing for the 10th year of burnt crusts and soggy bottoms, 4creative have launched this amazingly manic promo for The Great British Bake Off. With a cameo from Sesame Street’s cookie connoisseur and a rendition of The Beatles ‘All Together Now’, it’s all the right ingredients for a great ad. The exact date for the new series is yet to be announced, so hold tight and get your aprons at the ready before the baking frenzy begins!

Poolside FM.

TV may have killed the radio star, but the digital artists behind Poolside.FM are trying to bring it back. This 24/7 channel lives on an old school webpage with retro visuals. Although it is essentially a stream of songs pulled from SoundCloud, it’s more than just a playlist, it’s a vibe – one that makes you feel like you’re chilling by the pool on a hot summers day in ‘86. There’s even a guestbook on the site so you can chat and comment with other listeners on their virtual vacation!


Word of the day: FLYGSKAM (Swedish) — embarrassment over flying on planes due to the negative environmental impact of aviation; literally, a ‘flight shame’. A term I’d only come across this week, and during peak holiday season it made me think, can you care about the environment AND be a frequent flyer? Or do you just fly anyway, while feeling guilty? Climate change activist Greta Thunberg has backed the campaign and made it a part of her recently announced ‘awareness tour’ around Europe. Read more about her sailing expedition here.