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Volume 240

You thought it was already a hot week? Well it’s about to get even hotter with this SCORCHER of a coolsh*t from our Account Director, Luke.

Alex From Glasto.

This first story is in honour of our Grime ties here at the agency – Alex from Glasto has just released his first Grime track! Big up the man dem.

Psychedelic Hot Air Balloon Trip.

Yes, you read that correctly. Mind blown……… New Horizon follows a mirror surface hot air balloon through the wilds of America. The six different landings act as a beacon for new imaginings of the future.

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Big Bouncy Balls.

We love some imagery here at ZAK so I had to throw in a nice bit of eye candy. This article draws attention to the creative way Nike have visually brought to life the tech behind their new running shoe… which is apparently a bunch of bouncy balls. Streuth.

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Infared Pink Surfers.

Not quite, but check out this awesome fantasy induced film and photo series by billabong. Visually this is mad.

Thought You Were Having A Bad Day?

We all love looking at comical images of people having a worse day than us…… thank me later for these gems.

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Boris Trump.

Boris is Prime Minister to celebrate/commiserate here are some beautifully crafted memes and tweets… the world has spoken.

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