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Volume 233

Keeping it short, but still oh so sweet this week, with our hybrid creative/producer, L.W.Jones.

Are You For Scuba?

Yeezy drops his aqua range, which he’s planning to follow up with a line of Ye wings in the fall.

80s Wonder Woman!

Ms Wonder is joining forces with Marty McFly and heading back to the future to stop… actually the plot is unknown at this stage, but the poster is 80s as f*ck.

Dance Your Digital Nuts Off.

Wait, you can dance in Minecraft, right? If not, just take some digital pingers and have a great digital time.

No One Gives A Sh*t About Your Baby!

See, even Facebook agrees. You can’t escape from videos of my new puppy though.

Vampire Bat… Man

Robert Pattinson is to star in a spin-off to the awful popular Twilight series, this time going under the alias of ‘Batman’.