Volume 230

Man Up.

This week marks national Mental Health Awareness Week. To raise awareness of the silent crisis in men’s mental health, BBC have released ‘Man Up’, a three part series which raises the question ‘What’s it like being a man in 2019?’. The series stars Team GB sprinter James Ellington, Scottish footballer David Cox and Love Island star Josh Denzel who open up about issues they’ve faced when it comes to masculinity, depression, body image and expectations.

Black Mirror returns.

This might be a controversial statement but I for one am excited for GOT to be over. Why? Because there’s a new series coming which I think will be better. BLACK MIRROR IS BACK! The trailer for the latest series dropped this week and it doesn’t disappoint.

Rabbit for sale.

Jeff Koons has bagged the title of the living artist who’s work has fetched the highest price at auction. His sculpture, Rabbit, has just been sold for a whopping $91.1 million in New York. Jeff previously held the title for his work Balloon Dog, but was kicked off the top spot in 2018 by English painter David Hockney. I like art and I like going to museums. I obviously however, don’t love it as much as Robert Mnuchin. Or maybe he just really really loves rabbits.

Psychedelic animation.

We all love a bit of psychedelic animation, don’t we? Saiman Chow certainly does. He has been chatting about his latest work in the field for some of the world’s biggest brands such as Nike and Apple. Sometimes you need some trippy sh*t in your life and Chow provides exactly that. So, here’s some cheeky visuals to stir up inspiration. This artist does it all.

Ikea = fresh & cute.

Ikea and the Layzell Bros keep things cheeky and cheerful in this new campaign. The short animations for their new campaign hit the nail on the head for straight to the point but adorably watchable advertising. Watch them all here, you’ll love it.

If Wes Anderson did ballet.

Hong Kong Ballet turned its city into one vivid stage for their 40th Anniversary shoot and it looked absolutely beautiful. Through the use of bright colours and interesting locations, they created a tonally Wes Anderson, eastern, poppy ballet brand film. I especially loved the three ladies at 1:35 – check them out.