Volume 228

It’s popping off!

To celebrate their 8 variations of flavours and the childhood magic of popping corn, PROPERCORN have set out on a promotional tour of the UK. They’re bringing along the world’s biggest popcorn machine AKA a 33ft hot pink cement mixer! The tour is a nod to the brand’s humble beginnings, as co-founder Cassandra Stavrou is known to have used a repurposed cement mixer to tumble batches of popcorn in her mother’s kitchen when she was experimenting with flavours. I’d say this makes her something akin to a resourceful Willy Wonka!
Not only are they drowning selected towns in buttery puffed corn(can you imagine how AMAZING that will smell by the way?), they’re also offering residents a chance to win a year’s supply of their snacks for free. The ‘Propermixer’ as it’s named, is currently making its way through Leeds and will head on to Manchester and Birmingham this weekend. Get ready to flag it down!#honkifyourecorny


Tired of working from home but too broke for WeWork? Well, you’re in luck! There’s a new co-working space for just £2.50 an hour… because it’s in a car park – introducing WePark. It began when San Francisco based Coder Victor Pontis dragged a table and chair out to a vacant parking space and set up shop for the day. What started as a joke on Twitter ended up fielding enough interest for him to set up a website for WePark and host a launch event where 30 people joined him to set up a space of their own. WePark may seem a bit flippant, but ultimately it proves two points: one about the ridiculous cost of work hubs in overcrowded cities, and another about the sheer volume of space given to cars while we’re facing a critical climate deadline within the next 10 years.

Hung out to dry.

Keeping on the topic of claustrophobic cities, Jimmy Ho’s latest photography series caught my eye this week. Whilst walking around Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated capitals in the world, Jimmy noticed how residents are finding imaginative ways to overcome ordinary challenges, such as not having enough space to hang their laundry. His colourful images document how many have taken to using parks, playgrounds and fences as makeshift drying racks – some have even been bold enough to tie washing lines between lampposts. Technically it’s illegal to hang laundry in public spaces, but with many not able to afford laundry services or dryer machines, this is their only option. If you don’t mind your undies being on show to your neighbours, I’d say go for it!

Second Summer of Love.

It’s 30 years since acid house exploded on the UK club scene, so to celebrate a time of day-glo dungarees and smiley T-shirts, Gucci have collaborated with Frieze to bring the ‘Second Summer of Love’ to The Store X in Berlin’s new A/V space. There will be free showings of documentaries from various artists, including a screening of Jeremy Deller’s ‘Everybody In the Place’ which uncovers how acid house fuelled socio-political change. I want to go, so guess I’ll see you in Berlin!

Your dog can now shop online.

Hold up, is this a new Black Mirror trailer? Nope, just another real-life crazy use for AI created to give dogs freedom of choice. Brazil’s most popular pet store ‘Petz’ has introduced an exclusive feature to its websites which allows dogs to browse for themselves and add their favourite toys to cart based on their facial expressions. And if your dog is anything like mine and goes absolutely crazy over ANY toy, this is going to cost you a fortune……how can you say no to those puppy eyes?

L’Eau de Bébé.

According to science, nothing smells as good as a newborn baby. So I suppose it makes sense to turn that smell into a perfume right? This week saw the launch of ‘L’eau de Bébe’ – a gender-neutral perfume with ‘notes of breast milk, soft skin and sweet baby goodness’ and for extra authenticity, it comes in a life-sized, baby-shaped bottle……Crazy, right? Jokes, the world hasn’t gone mad as this ISN’T a real fragrance, it’s actually a spoof ad for Ecover. In an age of monotonous Cillit Bang ads(despite Barry Scott being a legend) the brand wanted to highlight that eco-conscious and cleaning products don’t have to be serious or boring by celebrating their love of pure in an usual (and creepy) way.