Volume 226

Expect the unexpected.

With the Post-it note being an office favourite, I wasn’t surprised when H&M announced their collaboration this week (I joke, I joke). After reading more into the collection I started to understand the vibe. ‘H&M lives in everyone’s wardrobes and Post-it notes live in everyone’s desks’ – what an obvious pair. The collection offers various items including t-shirts, long sleeves, polo shirts, shorts and large range of accessories; caps, socks and even shoes. In all honesty, I’m really loving this collab; I think H&M have tapped into the neon trend in a cool and inventive way. I might even treat myself to something from the collection when pay-day finally comes around.

Own a piece of your favourite influencer.

This week saw the launch of the Social Media Memorabilia Auction House (SMMAH), a fake auction site selling fake memorabilia ‘sourced’ from social media. Half satire half tribute, SMMAH provides bidders with access to a collection of unique personal objects from some of the world’s most famous social media stars (most of whom I’ve never heard of). Items include a salad leaf ($7,900), a measuring scoop ($4,500) and a vial of white beach sand ($3,800). My particular favourite has to be Jen Selter’s (who is famous for a rather voluptuous bottom) mug and tea bag from one of her many selfies. The caption includes all the need-to-know information, mug is ‘ceramic, black glaze, unmarked’, tea bag is ‘loose-leaf, herbal blend’ – plus the final piece of oh so important information… both ‘items are used, come as is’. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

Grave of Thrones.

If you don’t watch Game of Thrones then you might as well stop reading now (and question your sanity). This week saw the launch of the much-anticipated final season of GOT. To celebrate the occasion a 2000 square metre graveyard has been built in Sydney. ‘Grave of Thrones’ features more than thirty gravestones; including two grand family mausoleums housing the deceased members of House Stark and House Baratheon. The whole site has been designed as a place for GoT fans to reflect on the deaths of show’s most iconic faces – I daren’t wonder who will be joining them this series.

Everyone loves a comeback story.

Ok, we all know that Tiger Woods isn’t the greatest role model of all time, but there is no denying that his golfing comeback has been pretty epic. On Sunday, Woods defied all odds and won his first major in 11 years at The Masters in Texas. Nike, Tiger Woods’ long-standing sponsor, created a reactive video campaign launched moments after Woods potted his last hole, celebrating this amazing triumph. The video documents his rollercoaster journey from a young boy to a 15-time major winner – chasing the dream. Nothing gives you the feels like a comeback story, or an emotional montage of videos for that matter. Watch it for yourself and I’m sure you’ll agree.

*WARNING* this is not what you think.

I bet you never thought you’d hear Pornhub, Bees or Cool in the same sentence, did you? Don’t be alarmed. I’m not about to go into detail about some weird fetish. What I am going to tell you about is Pornhub’s new campaign that is aimed at saving the dwindling bee population – now you want to read on don’t you?! The site ‘Beesexual’ features short videos of foraging bees and also an informational video explaining the bee crisis with tips on how to help. All with voice-overs by supposedly well-known adult entertainment stars. I would advise one thing though – click on this link right here and don’t go typing ‘pornhub’ into your browser at work… you might get some funny looks.

Knife-free London.

On Wednesday, the #OperationShutdown protest made its way through London, providing grieving parents with an opportunity to call for urgent action from the Government to tackle knife crime. Morley’s Chicken Shop has tapped into this need for more to be done; launching a campaign which approaches the sombre issue in a way that hopes to ignite the minds of its younger consumers. 20,000 black food boxes have been printed and distributed across various Morley’s shops in South London – with #knifefree written in white on the lid. The words within go on to explain the story of Sean, a habitual knife carrier, who decided to change his life after a friend was stabbed and killed; encouraging readers to find out how to go knife free at The Managing Director of Morley’s claims that the brand is a pillar of the community in south London, has a voice and therefore has a social responsibility to do something. I hope that this is a sentiment that other brands decide to follow too.