Volume 225

Mr. Sanders is serving looks!

I’m not ashamed to say that KFC’s new campaign caught my eye for reasons other than fried chicken (I’m sure I am not the only one…) – if you haven’t seen it yet then you really should. For those who are afraid of a wandering eye, I will break it down for you. Introducing the Hot Colonel! KFC have changed their aging founder into a silver-fox CGI influencer who even has his own Instagram page *immediately clicks follow*. The posts and captions are spot-on and use the classic language and images that are so common across influencer content. This new virtual influencer colonel could even tempt me to buy some chicken – and I’m a vegetarian #vegetarian #butwouldeatchickenforthecolonel #fit #helooksgoodridingahorse

Budweiser’s on the ball.

This week also saw the unveiling of Budweiser’s eco-pitch in Sochi, Russia; created entirely of recycled plastic cups that were collected after the World Cup tournament last summer. Named the ReCup Arena, Budweiser used over 50,000 of these cups to create a 65m x 42m pitch with a wear-resistant red and white coloured coating. The vision behind this cool creation is not just sustainability kudos for Budwesier, it’s that children from Sochi can play and recreate the magic from the tournament; leaving a lasting legacy of the summer of football in their city.

One Cool Café.

There’s nothing I love more than venturing out on a weekend to try new brunch spots. That’s why this café in Battersea caught my eye. This week Social Pantry was awarded first place in Foodism’s ‘best café – positive change’ award. Serving a delicious brunch menu, but with a side order of social conscience. The coffee is sourced directly from Redemption Roasters at HMP Aylesbury, the cakes are baked by Bad Boys Bakery at HMP Brixton, and a number of the staff come from the Key4Life scheme – a rehabilitation programme focusing on getting ex-offenders back into work. This positive ethos is super cool, and I look forward to experiencing the café for myself… now, I wonder if they do bottomless??

Phones are good, and so are 8-bit games.

On Tuesday, Three launched the latest offense within its comical campaign #PhonesAreGood; celebrating phone culture. This game is the first of its kind on Instagram, drawing on the insights that gaming has moved beyond being solely an in-home experience. This nostalgic 8-Bit game has the aim of guiding your character through three-levels of obstacles without them looking up from their smartphone. Once each level has been successfully completed you are entered into a draw to win a Razer Phone 2 which is supposedly the best phone on the market for mobile gamers. You can still play the game on Three’s story highlights if your competitive side has gotten the better of you.

One-way ticket to Tokyo, please...

Monograph London have announced their next pop-up Supper Club event and it sounds incred. Claiming it’s their ‘most ambitious supper club ever’ focusing on their ethos that dinner time is a time when humans are particularly receptive; ready to stop thinking and start feeling. The pop-up works like this – guests arrive at a converted warehouse, interact with perfect strangers and immerse themselves in the feelings of venturing to Tokyo; blurring the lines between real and unreal with sounds and images. The menu includes some delicious sounding sushi and it’s also BYOB – what more could you ask for?

Eyeballs as big as the Earth.

Thinking about space and what potentially lies beyond makes my head hurt. This week, a collaboration of scientists across the world released never-seen-before images of the event horizon of a black hole. Collected through telescopes measuring the radiation emitted from the large swaths of gas and dust that are thought to surround the black holes which heat up to billions of degrees. Black holes are impossible to see with the human eye due to their density, so, to put it into perspective, these telescopes have essentially generated the image you would see if you had eyeballs as big as the earth… freaky.