Volume 221

Hear this London...

ZAK worked with Onside Youth Zones to give a voice to Paula. An ambassador for the charity, she shares in her own words her experiences of being a young person in London. We think it’s wicked!

Nike levels the playing field.

This week saw Nike invite some of the world’s greatest athletes to Paris for an epic launch event showcasing their national team kits ahead of the women’s world cup. This may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of gender issues and sports but it’s actually a huge milestone. For the first time since 1995, Nike has created kits that aren’t simply just a derivation of the men’s kit, but actually bespoke to the women! Not only do they look slick as anything, they’re completely functional and fitted to support a female physique – ponytail friendly necklines included. Check out each team’s kit in detail here.

You’ve made your bed, now wear it.

How often do you wake up and think, ‘ugh I wish I could stay in my duvet all day’? Well, now you actually can thanks to a Bristol-based designer who wants to make every day a duvet day by upcycling preloved sheets into unique tailor-made clothing. From tops made with nostalgic cartoons prints to trousers sewn from striped 70s patterns, these garments are perfect for being sassy, sustainable and cosy!

Should AI have a gender?

We have a tendency of humanising technology. We name cars, boats, and sometimes even washing machines. Now we’re doing the same with AI, and when it comes to gender, it counts. If Siri has no body, why does she sound like a woman? When there are real people who have moved beyond categories of gender, why shouldn’t AI? Many voice assistants, such as Alexa and Siri are set to default as female voices which is yet again building a system that only reinforces gender stereotypes. Virtue, a creative agency born from Vice, hope to pressure the tech industry into acknowledging the problem and have created Q, a genderless voice profile that companies will be available to use for any voice-activated product. Take a look for yourself.

Blu Marble.

It still amazes me to think that before 1972, we had no idea what our own planet looked like in full. The original “Blue Marble” picture is the most widely reproduced image of the Earth, leaving us with a significant image frozen in time. But what about now? More than ever we need to be aware of the realities of our planet, and that’s what artist and activist Sebastian Errazuriz wants to bring to life. To do this he’s installed a live stream of earth from space in a 20-foot artwork, which will transform NY’s skyline for the next month. He hopes it will inspire a higher degree of awareness around our valuable and limited time on this vulnerable planet.

Happy 30th to the Internet!

That’s right, the internet turned 30 this week! Let’s just set aside the dysfunctions of fake news and the dark web and think of all the good it has given to us instead. Global connectivity, increased convenience, and most importantly, memes! What better way to celebrate than getting to know the Father of the first ever viral phenomenon – the dancing baby!