Volume 217

ZAK GUEST: Aeon Industries.

We have Alex Hoban, Creative Director of AEON Industries hitting up COOL SH*T this week and he’s shared with us his most recent project ‘Attention Sequencer’. Dubbed “the first experiential multimedia installation of its kind”, the piece consists of a musical organ that can be stimulated by audience attention.

It works through the use of sensors to monitor ambient data like the number of people in the room and ratio of people entering to leaving the space. If there are more people leaving, it becomes anxious and needy, if it’s getting busy it becomes more aloof and avoidant.

Alex tells us he’s currently working on a prototype for a ‘dynamic mosh pit processor’ that can covert the energy of the crowd at metal shows into an expressive output from the stage. He hopes it will allow various types of audiences new forms of agency in live immersive environments.

The organ will be touring this year, follow on Instagram to keep up to date.


In celebration of Valentine’s, ethical fashion platform Everpress asked nine of its favourite creators to react to the day in the form of a T-shirt. Whether the day instils you with bounteous joy or leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, their ‘Love is the message’ collection is fit for all. As with every Everpress campaign, they’re only available for a limited time, so you’ve got until the 17th to get your hands on them!


Have you ever seen Eminem smile? No, neither had we. Until now… Photoshop fanatic Mike brown noticed Em’s passive demeanour throughout the years and decided to rework some of his photos with outrageous cheesy grins. And they’re golden.

One girl’s quest for a viral infection...

Check out this adorable but gross animation by Caitlyn McCarthy, which follows a shy teen girl in pursuit of her first kiss. It’s making my lip itch just watching it.

Into Balenciaga’s Matrix.

To promote Balenciaga’s summer ’19 offerings, artist and filmmaker Jon Rafman has paid homage to the 1999 classic ‘The Matrix’ in a playful campaign film – complete with lo-fi special effects including explosions, portals and lasers. An unusual visual treatment is nothing new for the luxury fashion house, and this is well worth checking out. What will it be Neo? The red shoe or the blue shoe?

Tinder for cows.

Cows can now swipe right for love on this new dating app – because they deserve the perfect match too! The best thing is, it’s called TUDDER. All I’m imagining is Daisy chilling with her fellow cattle asking ‘Girls, do you think this bull is cute? He has nice hooves, right?’.