Volume 213


How can public art enhance a community? Where do the lines between fashion and art fall? And how are artists and curators creating new ways for us to experience art? Explore these questions whilst shelling out too much coin for overpriced clobber that makes you look like a Japanese fashion student at Selfridges this week as they launch their first major experiential/retail experience of 2019. Loving this cool piece of animation from the event by Antoni Tudisco.


Artists and scholars have always claimed that music is the world’s universal language, so it makes sense to blast it from every speaker at a time when our planet seems to be pulling itself apart. Maybe this was the reason Brighton based DJ SUAT took his mobile rig down to Parliament on Tuesday to livestream his DJ set from outside the Commons during the Brexit vote.


If you haven’t killed yourself yet attempting the Bird Box challenge, hooray! You get to see what unfolds when someone recut the film trailer using scenes from ‘The Office’ USA.


The coolest, most subversive 90’s streetwear brand is back! Back in the mid 90’s a strange clothing shop called Vexed Generation opened on Berwick Street, Soho. The store floor was covered in pebbles like Brighton beach and the sparse clothing collection was housed in clear perspex boxes which had clear rubber gloves in which you placed your hands to inspect the clothes. The clothes themselves pandered to the stylish street style revolutionary with teflon infused, stab proof fabrics and computer generated camouflage patterns that confused CCTV cameras. The clothes were a response to what people saw as a growing oppressive society with the likes of the Criminal Justice Bill. Fast forward 20 years and the return of the brand is rather timely with a similar feelings on urban streets, that of fear, distrust and conflict. As the i-D article observes this range looks like designer UK drill gear.


Vegan Safari anyone? No, it doesn’t involve hunting wild tomatoes in Borneo but a Botswanan adventure that raises awareness of animal welfare. Broaden your experience horizon this year with help from Amuse and their ‘Wanderlist – 50 unmissable travel experiences of 2019’, here. I quite fancy a Weed and Wine tour of California before tucking into a 50-course meal at one of Copenhagen’s most exciting new restaurants.


Raves were always built on a utopian vision, an escape from the mundane into a world limited only by your own imagination. But no one could have dreamt up the nightmare confronting them at last years Fyre Festival. Billed as a supermodel filled Caribbean luxury music festival with packages going for up to 250,000 dollars, it was essentially a music festival for pretenders who don’t like down and dirty vibes of Glasto and their ilk. Backed by faces such as Ja Rule and Bella Hadid this influencer lead event descended into chaos when revellers landed on a barren island with no music, amenities or infrastructure and what should have been the ultimate hedonistic weekend ended up being a fight just to survive. Two documentaries launch this week documenting this veritable sh*tstorm. Watch from the comfort of your own sofa. Netflix trailer here.