Volume 207

Make art, not war.

“Ahhh North Korea, lovely this time of year” – granted, not the most common phrase you’re likely to hear over the festive period. However, a group of artists have breathed new life into a disused army base in the mysterious nation making it a contender for 2019 travel destination.

This drop just made winter worth it.

Another day. Another collab drop. Spare a thought for the kids that have taken time out from Fortnite to queue round the block in the pouring rain. Bless them.

Flash drives for freedom.

Now the idea of putting your dongle in Kim Jong Un’s mouth may be grotesque to some, but it can actually be for the greater good! Check out this innovative approach to smuggling outside information into North Korea.

Phones are off the menu...

Shout-out to Frankie & Benny’s on the mobile ban. A ballsy move in a mobile saturated age. I give it a month until we realise the lasting connection we have with any of our pals is dank memes. **turns airplane mode off**

This cow is an absolute unit!

There’s a beef joke here somewhere. Give it a a sec, it’ll come. In the meantime, check out Knickers the cow. It’s happening, this is how they overthrow the human race. Should have listened to the vegans. It’s the beginning of the end. Cowpocolypse is here.

How do you celebrate a Mars landing? You planet

What’s better than an engineering feat of epic proportions? Why, a charmingly nerdy ‘touchdown’ handshake of course.