Volume 205

Attenborough is back and holy shit it was intense.

Sir David’s new series, ‘Dynasties’, finally arrived on our screens on Sunday night and my god it didn’t disappoint. I never thought I would find myself hurling obscenities at the chimpanzee equivalent of Peter Pettigrew but there I was on Sunday night, screaming at the TV as Luther…I won’t spoil it in case you haven’t watched it but you should log on to iPlayer right this second if not.

Take a Pikachu at this trailer…

A mix of nostalgia, unsettlement and Ryan Reynolds. Over 20 years after the creation of Pokemon, the new Warner Bros film ‘Pikachu Detective’ casts the sassy Deadpool star as the voice of our yellow friend. The trailer sees all of your favourite Pokémon horrifyingly reimagined in live action, much like that photorealistic image of Homer Simpson that still keeps you up at night. ‘Grotesque’ and ‘disgusting’ are just few words that have been used to describe it. Watch the trailer and make your own mind up…

Iceland’s banned TV ad goes viral.

You’ve probably already seen this as it’s been covered by absolutely EVERYONE, but you’ve got to give it to them, it was a very smart move by both Iceland and Greenpeace – who actually made the film months ago. Last time I checked, over 900k people have signed a petition to get the ‘ban’ overturned – let’s not get into the specifics surrounding the non-approval or the complexities of the palm-oil issue but it’s safe to say, awareness is a good thing for both brands and whilst I suspect they weren’t at all surprised the ad wasn’t cleared – it’s done exactly what they set out to do.

China reveals the world’s first AI news anchor and it’s…weird.

“I will work tirelessly to keep you informed as texts will be typed into my system uninterrupted…”

These were the words spoken by the new AI anchor (AInchor?) in it’s debut video conference for the state-run Xinhua News Agency. It may be more creepy than cool but it’s certainly interesting. Xinhua stated that it “will allow the news agency to have 24-hour news coverage while cutting down on production costs.” Given the already extremely tight controls on press freedom in China, I’m not sure how I feel about this one… see more here.

Marmite sprouts anyone?

Iceland make the list again here, this time on a slightly less serious subject – although some would say it’s a very serious issue indeed. They teamed up with Unilever to create this monstrous combination of flavours. Do two wrongs make a right?

Brian May takes us to the moon.

You haven’t seen the best pictures from the Apollo era and other great space achievements till you’ve seen them in 3D. Queen guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May is also mad about stereoscopic imagery. He’s teamed up with astronomy journalist Dave Eicher to produce a new publication ‘Mission Moon 3D’, taking readers through 150 stunning 3D images to tell the story of the Apollo Moon landing. The reason? To help space enthusiasts better relive the lunar adventure.