Volume 204

Gaming goes K-pop.

The League of Legend creators, Riot Games, have just released a K-pop single with a western twist. Ok, I know what you’re thinking…K-pop? But unlike the LoL gaming community, this video isn’t trash. I’m slightly jealous of these CGI chicks’ hip to waist ratio and how one of them has claws long enough to scalp a man. This is the sexy dangerous aesthetic I can get behind.

Greggs are on a roll.

Did you know that John Lewis spends around £7m on their Christmas ads? Around £1m to shoot and then a further £6m on marketing? Don’t get me wrong, those ads are normally a cracker, ha, but a Greggs opposite Fenwick in Northumberland have cleverly inserted themselves into their beautifully expensive Christmas window. A banging idea and not bad for a campaign on a budget. See it here.

Advert about banned advertising ironically gets banned.

Have you ever tried so hard that in the end it didn’t even matter? Well, those famous words from Linkin Park perfectly describe this Volkswagen ad. An advert all about how to be creative and not get banned… gets banned. Brilliant. Read more about it here.

A boob job for your nails.

Sometimes you see stuff and you’re in in awe, but like think, that cannot be practical. Which is the exact feeling I got when seeing Mei Kawajiri’s work. It looks super cool and who wouldn’t want a pair of bangers on your fingers? Well, me, I wouldn’t have that on my nails, but it makes for good Instagram pics. Def racking up those likes.

Print my music video.

No green screen, no special effects and no post production in After Effects. All made by hand… with the help of a camera and a shit tonne of printer ink. How much ink did they use? No, seriously, I have no idea. I don’t have a printer at home anymore, no one does, we all use the office printer like normal human beings.

No Nut November gets poetic.

Listen, I’m not the biggest fan of poetry, but I recognise talent when I see it and this young man is very… eloquent in expressing his feelings about the bet he’s taken. So give poetry a chance and lend this young man a sympathetic ear.