Volume 203

Don’t be a muggle, dress like an influencer!

Urban Outfitters have the perfect outfit for you to impress your 315 followers this Halloween. They’re selling an ‘Influencer’ costume. The problem is that it’s so authentically built, you have to have the athletic frame of a social star to pull it off. So before you treat yourself, remember – you’re a muggle, the trick’s on you. See the full outfit here.

Lil Maquila had no problems fitting into her outfit…

Yes that’s correct, Lil Maquila’s body is more perfect then any living being’s – which is why this influencer works with all the big fashion brands. It helps that she is 100% synthetic and is part of the rising trend of CGI influencers and models. She did have a bit of trouble deciding what to wear but settled on a Missy Elliott inspired cat costume. This is the world we live in people, enjoy.

Three Mobile take away influencer’s phone.

As far as Halloween campaigns went, I thought this was a nice idea: Three Mobile set three influencers the scary challenge of being without their phones and connectivity for 24 hours… a great way of reinforcing your unlimited data offering, right? But when I went on to one of the participant’s Instagram account on the same day she is supposed to be without her phone and saw her posting pictures promoting a low-calorie ice cream, it was me who disconnected. Watch the vid here.

Here’s how the real influencers dressed.

Are celebs influencers too? Or do they use their celebrity to wield their influence? If you had a venn diagram, where do Kendell Jenner and Jay-Z cross? Don’t have an existential crisis thinking about it – here’s the Halloween outfits of the wonderful people.

Retail’s influence is dead…

Look, she’s one of us – a normal muggle with 315 followers! In-case you hadn’t noticed, traditional retail is in an apocalyptic state (if you need some fresh ideas ladies and gents we’re here for you). So Becca went as a Zombie Toys “R” Us worker and hung out, outside a derelict store. Neat.

But this won the internet…

Best costume this year goes to the headless girl. Remember, no matter who you are, the best idea always has the most influence.