Volume 201

30% of 16-24s would give up sex for a year just to ‘make it’.

The polls are in and you’re the first to know about it! Gen Z reveal why success is so important to them in part two of our research study ‘Road To Nowhere’. Would you?

Banksy Shreds Conspiracies

Girl With a Balloon: £1,000,000.

The look on people’s faces as it shreds: Priceless.

Banksy’s rigged frame hoax last week shook the art world and a LOT of questions are being asked. How did he do it? Why did he stop half way? Surely the auction house were in on it? Well now he’s posted an insight into what went down and it seems it didn’t quite go to plan.

The second dopest country in the world.

Calling it a ‘national experiment’, Canada just became the second country to legalise pot. Toronto celebrated the eve of this historic day with a ‘bud drop’ party, featuring a giant green bud sculpture which descended from the ceiling at midnight.


You know you’re pretty big when Google splash out megabucks to empty the Empire State Building so you can rap your new track. Eminem made NYC his stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and it was quite a show.

Hats off to Cara.

If you thought men looked good in a tux, you should see Cara Delevingne. She stole the show at the second royal wedding of the year by breaking the royal dress code with an Armani Tux and Chanel top hat. Apparently Liz loved it! See the full look here.

Bob Marley's daughter making her dad proud.

The Reggae Girlz have become the first Caribbean team to earn a spot in the World Cup and owe a lot of this to Bob Marley’s daughter Cadella. It seems like she’s following in her father’s footsteps of becoming an icon in Jamaican culture.