Volume 198

Swap your Street gear 4 Street wear.

We all know that endorphins unlock a natural high but sometimes we need a little extra encouragement – put out your fatty boom batty and trade in your drugs for a new T in this one of a kind Dutch pop up shop.

Goats sowing wild oats…

Or to me more explicit, goats having sex on a poster to encourage you to buy sustainable cashmere. Read about Naadam’s new campaign currently papering NYC neighbourhoods.

You can now bend your phone around your wrist.

Wearable tech goals or pointless prototype? Lenovo are beta testing a new smartphone… that bends around your wrist. Fancy strapping your phone to your wrist… yeah, might need bit of development before becoming the next big thing. See for yourself here.

Seal slaps a human with an octopus.

When a seal slaps your eye, with an octopus thigh, that’s amore! We’re not sure it’s Cool Sh*t but hey you clicked. Enjoy.

Basquiat meets broadway.

Here’s one that you didn’t see coming – A new musical inspired by the life and art of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Check it out.

Multi-reality mind f*ck.

Maniac is a new Netflix mini-series with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. I can’t tell if it’s really good or really bad, all I know is that it’s really weird and I’m into it.