Volume 197

Need your ‘Clout Level’ boosting? Read on…

Nate aka Tabasko Sweet is a Youtuber I could watch all day. Unlike most presenters of his ilk who annoy the hell out of me with their hyper-gesticulating-say the same thing over and over again-sugar rush tendencies, Nate exudes maximum clout with a laid back swagger that reminds me of a back in the day Keanu Reeves. His DIY/fashion show Cheap Thrills takes your everyday over-priced Hypebeast fare (Supreme Bricks, Gucci sneaks, Off-White gear) and shows you how you can make your own, at home. The latest show recreates Lil Pump’s next-level costume from his and Kanye’s latest Spike Jonze directed vid for “I Love It” which has just broken the world record for views with over 76 million in it’s first week. Boost your CLOUT LEVEL by tuning in here.

Mi casa, Si casa.

This weekend, over 800 buildings in the capital open their doors to the public as part of Open House London, a city wide celebration of its most historical or architecturally interesting places which are normally overlooked. Covering the gamut from architecturally unique residential homes and brutalist housing estates to medieval churches and edwardian Funeral Directors there really is something for everyone. Successfully running now for 26 years Open House has become an international affair and can be found as far afield as Brisbane, Jerusalem, San Diego and many other great cities.

What happens when you cross Hawkwind with the Bronte Sisters?

Part of the burgeoning Australian prog-psych rock scene spearheaded by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (they are signed to their Flightless record label) Stonefield are a family affair comprising of four long haired cosmic sisters. Their heavy and infectious new single “In The Eve” sees them wondering around, lost in a forest, picking daisies and channeling the spirit of the Bronte sisters as all good psych rockers seem to do. In fact it reminds me of “<a href=”″>The Witch</a>” a psych classic from The Rattles released in 1970.

The Art of Beauty.

Gucci have launched a refreshing new <a href=””>Instagram</a> beauty account which is completely devoid of pouting models and “how to” tutorials. In it’s place we find an art gallery dedicated to Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s ‘vision of beauty’, a timeless collection of female portraits, painted throughout the centuries. For the Art of Beauty, Gucci hired a group of five art critics to provide commentary on the artworks which have been pulled from galleries such as New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Uffizi Gallery in Rome. The comments call out beauty elements in each painting and show how beauty ideals are interpreted by different eras and cultures.

If this doesn’t blow your mind, you’re already dead.

When Nicolas Cage plays the sanest character in the film you know you’re in for a crazy ride and so it is with Mandy, the latest offering from the hallucinogenic mind of director Panos Cosmatos. Set in 1983 and feeling very much like an updated horror from that age Mandy is hugely successful revenge fantasy film that confuses the mind of the viewer by being uncompromising, brutal, laugh out loud funny yet wildly unsettling at the same time. Cage was made for this, the one take scene where he loses his mind in a bathroom whilst downing a bottle of vodka is pure genius. So turn off the lights, lock all the doors and dive in.

Gimme 5’s Lentil & Anarchy Pack

The grand daddy of British streetwear, Michael Kopelman’s Gimme 5 have just launched a new limited edition clothing range featuring two characters from the unlikeliest corner of british culture, the 80’s comedy TV show “The Young Ones”. The Lentil &amp; Anarchy pack introduce hippy Neil and tv’s favourite punk troublemaker Vyv to a new generation and adorn tees, caps and totes along with their catch phrases “Oh wow, that’s heavy” and “Piss off, you bastards”. Seeing as Rick never made it I can only imagine he thinks it’s all “bloody pathetic”. Online now at <a href=””></a>.