Volume 196

Get the VHS player out – Blockbusters is back!

Ah, the glory days of 2002. Walking into a Blockbusters, grabbing a few snacks, giving the guy behind the till a casual head nod, then picking up my copy of The Ring, despite being 3 years under the mandated ’15’ age rating.

I stroll up to pay. I know what’s up, the guy knows what’s up, we both know what, indeed, is up. I slip him the snacks – no problems. I hand him the video – a wry smile in tow.

He looks at me. I look at him. It’s tense. Like that scene at the beginning of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when the guy accuses Sundance of cheating at poker.

Then the tension breaks, and just like Sundance I do a cool gun trick, then leave with a copy of WWF’s greatest matchups, because I’M TOO YOUNG TO RENT THE RING.

Sorry, got lost in a mind hole of my own design there. Moving on to the point; Blockbusters is back! That’s right, for 2 days, the former film rental giant is returning to London for the DVD release of Deadpool 2. Let the nostalgia trip begin.

An Apple Watch a day keeps the doctor away.

Hey you! You’re young, you don’t need to worry about boring stuff like your heart! Or falling over! What are you, one thousand years old?

Well, while this might not be a pop up collaboration between Post Malone and Oreos to bring freshly baked cookie tunes directly to your virtual cloud pocket, the latest product release from Apple is pretty cool.

The video overleaf explains it much better than I could, but Apple have got your heart and your hips’ backs with their latest watch design. Check it out.

A deepfried approach to mindfulness.

Long week? Feeling tense? Incase you missed annual mindfulness day on Wednesday, head over to KFC’s mindfulness hub where you can sit back and relax to the tasty sound of sizzling bacon, frying chicken and simmering gravy.
AND breathe…

Matty McC getting oh so wavy!

Tie die shirts, weird sunglasses, drugs, hippies, Matthew McConaughey. I don’t even care if this film ends up being sh*t, it’s going to be absolutely class!

F*ck, that’s a shoe collab.

Rapper, chef, author, organic wine enthusiast, professional televised eater, and full-time friend to Big Body Bes; Mr. Wonderful is now adding another string to his bow – sneaker designer.

As he revealed in a new video for GQ, Bronson and Adi have collaborated to create 2 new Ultra Boost colourways, with the the preferred design still to be decided. For my money, it’s those lit camouflage/contents-of-a-shredder looking numbers, but I’m sure either will sell very well.

Kanye hates George RR Martin.

In an unorthodox attempt to take the limelight off HBO’s hit throne-themed series for “focusing too much on special effects rather than storytelling in season 7” (his words, not mine), Kanye has this week announced that Watch the Throne 2 is on it’s way!

Well actually he tweeted ‘throne2 coming soon,’ so it remains to be seen whether he’s actually just about to take delivery of the 2nd part of he and Kim’s latest ‘his n hers’ living room furniture, but fingers very much crossed that the sequel to 2011’s epic collab with Jay is about to drop.