Volume 195

John Lewis advert in September?!

Sainsbury’s, Tesco, M&S: It’s taken years but we’ve finally caught up with John Lewis and their Christmas adverts.

John Lewis, first week of September: Hold my beer…

Even if you aren’t on the Beyoncé band wagon, cute is cute.

Blue Ivy takes to celebrating #beyday by pranking her grandma and it’s ADORABLE. It will most definitely make you giggle.

Ever heard of "grillsurance”?

A genius move by Burger king. In anticipation of a 2019 BBQ ban, customers in Sweden can get a free Whopper for every day outdoor grills aren’t allowed. Check it out on their website.

Who wore it best? Joey Tribbiani VS Balenciaga.

You know that uncomfortable feeling of wearing a jumper that’s too thick under your jacket? Ever wanted to take that feeling to the extreme? If so, you’re in luck because Balenciaga have dropped a coat that looks and feels like you’re wearing seven jackets at once. It’ll cost you a cool 9 G’s but to be far, you do get quite a bit of fabric.

When in doubt, stick Jeff Goldblums face on it.

One UK-based charity shop found a particularly ingenious way to advertise their slow selling photo frames. Instead of displaying generic stock images they have something far more special living behind their glass. Quality Goldblum pics.

2 guys put up fake ‘Asian ad’ in McDonalds to make a point.

Be the change you’d like to see at your local McDonalds, or so the saying goes. Student Jevh noticed that the advertising in his local chain didn’t show any Asian people enjoying a meal. So, he took action by sticking a giant poster of him and a friend on their wall. The best bit? It’s still there 8 weeks later.