Volume 194

‘Woah’ flashback! A season of Acid trips from Adidas.

The Adidas FW18 collection caught our eye with its spirit of 80s acid house flyers. These wavy garms are your new essential for all-night raving, and to round off the launch series they’ve made a fashion film filled with warehouse party nostalgia. Release the Doves and watch here.

Serena Williams’ home videos and Nike.

We’re fangirling over Serena Williams AGAIN. This time Nike have dug out a cute home vid of her dad training her for the US open at the age of 9.

This is the largest photo in the world! That zoom though.

You could climb Mont Blanc… or you could just appreciate its beauty in the form of 365-gigapixels. To put that in to context if you printed the photo, it’d be the size of a football pitch. Can you imagine the frame?!

2 Chainz and the bad & boujie pensioners.

If you’re planning on retiring to a life of luxury head over to Coral Gables, Florida, where you can live it up by a pool, eat off Versace plates and treat your chihuahua to Yappy Hour.

Wingdings goes full capitalist!

Brand New Roman is a font composed entirely of corporate logos. Now all your content can be sponsored content, and sponsored by everybody! But, if you’re sponsored by everybody, are you really sponsored by nobody?

And you thought your Dad was embarrassing…

This week the British Prime minister Headed over to Africa to enhance Britain’s ties (or dance us into a Brexit oblivion). Naturally, the internet and all of its glory blessed us with a wave of ‘Maybot’ memes. Take a look at some of the best here.